What would a "Choice of Robots" sequel be like?

Sadly I think a lot of these abandoned games are going to be under the drop box format and likely deleted when the changes happened, so even if I did first it I suspect it wouldn’t work anymore.

Agree with op , many good titles start , go to a certain phase then disappear…i myself worked on 2 stories, i liked both of em so much but due to exams and other activities i was never able to complete them, it was almost 2 years ago…and how i have given up on writing because i feel bad if i cant finish my work, many people look towards it with great expectations…i dont want to shatter their hopes again. :frowning:

It would be interesting to see an endless cycle/paradox. The humans create the robots who created the humans who created the robots going on forever.

Not sure how it would work though.


Which came first? :smirk:

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Unless it screws up like terminator movie series or paradox factor lol

I find the “cycle” games a bit flat, better to give a good start and a good end rather being circling the circle. (Jeez too much for me really)

Difference of opinion then.

I like paradox’s and cycles that are done well. Especially when the story is around the idea of someone trying to break that cycle, for good or ill.

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Yup agree, if the end is good, but in case of paradox fac i didnt find a good end, well killing self and everyone you know…is it that necessary? A similar game “a wise use of time” is my fav though, you cant get into past but can control time.

Anyway, im hoping there will be some games like Choice of robots…really want one. :slight_smile:


I got the ending where I built a copy of myself. I would like to continue as my robot self with my robot daughter and wife!


I’d love a sequel that existed in the current universe as the first one. Carrying over a saved file/gameplay from the original, but now you play a different character. You’re now a military advisor/reporter/one of the robots in the factory etc within the timeline. You deal with the creator, the robots, and situation created by the first gameplay.

It’s been a while since I’ve played Choice of Robots so I don’t know how well this idea would work. Another idea could be that you play as a robot during the uprising and war.


I loved that game so much , kinda set the bar hight for writing when I read it . It was awesome ! and even made me whale lol

I personally can’t see a sequel , due to the many things that can happen and ending .

But another story , in that universe wouldn’t be a stretch .

It really was a beautiful story…

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Well the obvious choice would be writing a story from the robot’s point of view, and that the title “choice of robot” makes more sense in that context.

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I had pictured a sequel story in my head where you play as a new MC who comes to work for this up-and-coming tech company that is run by the original MC’s child, whose grown up to revolutionize augmented technology, changing the world just like their father/mother and blurring the boundary between physical and digital reality.

That and the original MC’s first robot campaigning to become President.


I would imagen a sequel like am mixture of these things

my idea is that what Mr. Kevin Gold, in north America, the super intelligent AI was created “The Rise of a Angle” but one man sought to destroy it. in the end of it’s destruction “The Fall of a Angle” Russia became a anti democratic North Korea like anti-Technology Dictatorship. China during the rise of a angle went democratic. but during the fall of a angel north Korea invade South Korea resulting in China invading North Korea and south. they then created a pro-Tech Democracy and went to war with Russia.

Australia has now become the home to the Martian refuge program, a program dedicated to send the refuge of the Russian Chinese war to mars.

you and your human left last year. in that year you (a robot) have risen in the robot government. but last month the human have entered the government and a war is coming but you have the chance to create life

I introduce the plot of Choice of Life CoL


that sounds awesome, and I would play mine would probably just be a spinoff that is set after yours

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Well it kind was of already sugested but… I endorse a sequel were we play as our robot child in Its journey to become a kind of R. Daneel Olivaw of It’s own Foundation Grand Saga.

As we watch humanity advance, colonize and terraform Mars, discover FTL, rise to a Galactic [INSERT FORM OF GOVERNMENT HERE], build our first Trantor(Coruscant) meet Kerbals, kick ass and help our family, friends or even enemies into solving the Asimov’s Last Question and, after the end, meet again our Mother/Father in a bittersweet Hans Zimmer’s end.

Personally I’d very much enjoy playing a choice of robots sequel and I agree writing a sequel would be quite challenging but the idea of living the life of your created robot in the sequel sounds appealing so why not then call it choice of robots 2 or choice of robots reboot and for the created robots who died in previous books why not have their programming transferred to another body or something like that cause I’m kinda hoping to see what becomes of a possible sequel to the book