What makes you click "Purchase"


We had a long thread on here about whether game length influences buying, but I think there are so many factors that go into choosing a game. I was inspired by some comments on the Death Collector thread today to ask: what makes you smash that purchase button?

  • The demo! The proof is in the pudding.
  • Artwork/icon. I’m visual.
  • Reading the game description.
  • Who the author is–I’ll always buy a game by X person.
  • The genre–I’ll always buy if it’s an X genre game.
  • Having participated in the beta.
  • The length of the game.
  • Non-binary gender option.

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I probably would have selected 5 or 6 of those choices to be honest, but I’d say looking back demos have pushed me over the edge on games I might have waffled on a little otherwise. Some games really are an auto purchase for me though if they’re by certain authors or cover one of my favorite genres, demo or not.


Of course. Any purchase (of anything) is usually a nuanced decision. But the poll’s a blunt tool :wink:


Ah, at the time of voting, I was the only one.

I mean, obviously the demo brings you the most accurate… demonstration of the story’s telltale. However, by simply reading the description, it’s enough for me to even click the “Download” button (or try the demo).


I originally clicked that the demo would make or break for me–but, @Szaal’s comment convinced me the description is a bit more important. I do read the description and I usually judge whether/when I’ll try the demo based on that.

But there are also a few authors that I’ll support anything they put out, demo played or no, and although I’ve never bought a game specifically because it had a nonbinary gender option, the lack of it has made me pass on games that otherwise I might’ve tried


Mix of … all, actually.
Mostly description plus demo and a bit of length


If I actively participated in the beta, it’s because the story already has my attention. I don’t have a lot of money to spend willy nilly, so I’m very picky. For COGs I play the demo and if I feel like I want to smooch a RO, chances are I’ll buy it. But yeah, I would say: beta/lenght 50%, want dat RO 50%.


This this this this this!!! Smooching ROs makes the decision for me just about every time!


There’s no science to it. The last COG I bought was one I was extremely looking forward to, but I still haven’t even halfway finished it. I’m not buying any new ones until I do. Whether I have the focus or mental power to enjoy a game as I’d like, well, that’s something I can’t predict with any kind of accuracy. Things like genre, blurb, a familiar author name or, yes, the nonbinary protagonist… they’ll pique my interest, but they’re not usually enough to carry me through.


The bookshelves in my basement full of King, John D. MacDonald, Turtledove and Asimov (among many others) give away my authorial affection. If I like you once, that’s nice. If I like you twice, odds are I will twenty more times as well.


the demo…

I usually rarely read the description…cose I’m too hyped to try a new game and see if I like it .


Where’s the option for
“I buy every game from here and am now in crippling debt”


I’ll play through at least some of every demo! The blurb piques my interest initially though and may encourage me to play one demo before another.


I chose the demo because that is what really makes the difference about whether or not I actually buy the game. If I’m still interested and engaged by the end of the demo I always buy the game, and I’ve never bought a CS game without reading the demo first.

I should mention the art though because the art is the first thing that grabs my attention and really makes me interested enough to read the demo. There were a few older games that I completely skipped over for a long time because the cover art didn’t grab my attention.


Do you have some particular favorites for artwork?


@Mary_Duffy It might be too late to add this to the poll but in my case trust in the company, whichever company it is, has a lot of influence on me buying the next product they’re selling.

When I lose trust in the company, I just move on to something better.


Yes I do!

Rent-a-Vice might be my favorite. I see that woman’s face and want to be her every time.

I also there are several that seem like they might be done by the same artist. The Superlatives, Heart of the House, Weyrwood, and a couple others that I love. Again I think it’s because I see a character that I’m interested in playing as. (And the style is just gorgeous)


None of the above I buy every game regardless and uninstall accordingly… gotta support the authors, our medium is too small to be stingy when the games are so cheap.


Yep, those are all Abigail Larson, as is Death Collector and the upcoming Chronicon Apocalyptica.


A combo of the description, demo, and a glance at some of the in-depth (or at least from someone who sounds like they know what they’re talking about) reviews of a CoG/HG.