What is wrong with this code?


*selectable_if (melee_weapons = 40) #…two daggers:
*input_text weapon
#${weapon}. They’re useful for slitting throats.
*goto yourup

*label yourup

After creating my weapon name it won’t let me pass. I’ve moved around the #${weapon} and *goto yourup but it either says the # is indented wrong amount of times or there is no goto and you can’t pass without a goto or finish.


Can you post the whole code it will make it simpler to track problems. You can also post code by < pre> and < /pre> take out the space example

*selectable_if (melee_weapons = 40) #...two daggers:
 *input_text weapon
 *comment need to add a (*goto here)
#${weapon}. They're useful for slitting throats.
 *goto yourup


Sorry this is a bit confusing. I am assuming they are under a *choice command, but is the second option designed to be alongside the first? Or do you want to name the weapon and then have the second option appear? Either way… each choice needs a goto. I can’t tell if the indentation is wrong because you didn’t use the pre button when you added it.


Well lord is beat me to it. Other then the preferable of wanting the spaces in…seems your just missing the goto command for the first choice if I’m not mistaken.

LordIrish got it down for ya.

I’m hoping input text commands are underneath the choices as indenting is key.


It’s only this part that’s the problem. I’ll try posting it again.

…*selectable_if (melee_weapons = 40) #…two daggers:
…*input_text weapon
…#${weapon}. They’re useful for slitting throats.
…*goto yourup

*label yourup

It doesn’t seem to accept my goto.


@Pyromanci Sorry. I’m new to all this. I’ve re posted it with … showing the indentation. Don’t know how to use the pre button or know what that even is. Also yes it is under a choice command.

	*selectable_if (melee_weapons = 40) # Two daggers
		*input_text weapon
		*goto yourup
	# ${weapon}. They're useful for slitting throats.
		*goto yourup

*label yourup

You had too many indentations on your second choice. From reading the text I am not sure this is actually what you are trying to accomplish, but this is valid formatting.


@Pyromanci Thanks for the help. I figured out the big problem which is actually pretty stupid of me. There isn’t meant to be a # infront of ${weapon}. The game thought it was a choice when it wasn’t meant to be. xD


Ahh. I did wonder, but not seeing any other choices I wasn’t sure. Glad you are back on track :smile: