Choicescript error emergency HELP

Deleted because of spoilers

Is there another choice before this one? It might actually be complaining about that, since your first line here would be the point where it ‘falls’ into another choice branch.

Yeah there is but I didn’t see anything wrong with that one either but I’ll go double check

The problem is definitely in the section of code preceding this bit, missing something like a goto or finish (i.e. a redirectional command) at the end of one particular #option body. It’s one of the most confusing errors as it’s not detected until it hits a line containing something other than the expected goto or finish, so gives an incorrect line number.

It can sometimes help to use fewer nested choices, and more goto / labels leading to the next significant choice, so keeping the hierarchy simpler and requiring less actual indentation.

Thanks guys it took me a few hours to narrow down the problem but I finally found apparently it looks like I have to use the if and else combination for different stat outcomes or else the game crashes Before I was only using two if statements followed by a goto without and else statement following so that’s where the error happened.