What is wrong with these codes?

I have been experiencing problems with my code not working properly on DashingDon (works on CSIDE).
I had a similar problem with my first file due to stacking choices but now I really can’t find anything wrong with it.

Here is the error:

Here is the code:

I also have problems with my stats screen
Here is the error:

Here is the code:

Is this because of skipping lines? It didn’t have any effect on CSIDE but neither did the stacking of choices.

I think it’s definitely because of that first enter after each choice, try removing that. The ones after it might be alright.

You should definitely try using quick test on your game before uploading it to dashingdon. I think it’s built into CSIDE (or the version I have at least?).

Same story for the stats screen. Remove the extraneous enters between lines.

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Thank God! I have at last found the problem. It has nothing to do with stacking choices or extra lines but file conversion.

I copied my txt file into Google docs to check for grammar and spelling mistakes and thus converted it into a .docx file which I reconverted into .txt file and it somehow messed with something which stopped the code running on DashingDon (also explains why it worked on CSIDE but not on DashingDon)

Hopefully, this will be of some help to someone reading this in future.


I see you solved your issue or rather realized what the issue was, which is good.

With the error, "expected at least one ‘choice.’ I would suggest having *set implicit_control_flow true at the top of all your chapters (scenes). Though this is if you’re using ChoiceScript Ide, as I haven’t tried it anywhere else.

I have successfully resolved my issue. I was using CSIDE legacy before(I know it is not supported) but from now on I am going to use a text editor.
I haven’t seen this command before, what exactly does it do?

It’s a modification that changes requirements in ChoiceScript by removing the need for certain commands at the end of *choice, *elseif, and *else. Simply it treats any choice command as a *fake_choice which lets you have a choice within a choice as well as removes other issues you would normally encounter.


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