What is the status of Freshman Magic: Spellbooks and Tangled Sheets?

It interests me and I would like to know its current status. It supposedly ended its beta testing stage a few weeks back.


The next stage after beta testing is copyedit, and I haven’t heard anything since then, so that’s probably the stage where it is. (BTW, the beta actually ended just 6 days ago, not a few weeks ago.)


Usually there’s about a month or two between the end of beta and the release of a game. If I had to guess, I’d say it will probably be out … early May-ish?

I’m surprised it doesn’t have a page on Steam yet, though.

(I’m seriously excited for this game too! Magic school mystery romance = take my money already.)

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do all the new Heart’s Choice releases appear on the Heart’s Choice app too?

Yes they will be launched on the Heart’s Choice app, and will be officially announced on the mailing list and on the forum.


do you happen to know the general stages when it comes to new books? Like Alpha test → beta test → copyedit → ???

If there are that is

At least in-so-far as I understand it, it should be beta testing > copy editing/proofing > demo release > full release.

But I’m new here, so if someone else has a different answer, good likelihood they know better lol.

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To use the terms you’ll see on the Upcoming Releases post, it’s

In progress > Draft review/revision > Beta > Copyedit > Release