What is compiling and how do I use it?

Okay. I know this is probably obvious to everybody, but I have been searching the forum and online and I have drawn a blank.

So a few questions:

What is compiling?
Why would I need to use it?
How do I compile my game?
How do I upload a compiled game on Dashingdon?

This is in reference with my problems with the softly save system, but I thought I might a well make a different topic.

  1. Compiling: convert (a program) into a machine-code or lower-level form in which the program can be executed.
    So in essence, it packages all up into one independent executable.

  2. To distribute your game outside the mediums that CoG/HG offer? (Though you need to do it for free, I recommend you to read the legal terms first). I don’t know of another use for it, and I’ve never used it myself other than to see what the game would look like when I was learning all this CoG stuff, but maybe there’s more uses for it I’m not aware of.

  3. You can compile it placing your files into the corresponding folder ( /web/mygame/scenes) and then running the compile executable (compile.html) from here.
    GitHub - dfabulich/choicescript: ChoiceScript is a language for developing multiple-choice games.

  4. I’ve never used Dashingdon, I need to learn that soon, but I can’t help you with that yet.


How do I run it? Remember, I don’t know much computer speech.

  1. Download the program

  2. Extract all the files on your preferred folder

  3. Go to the folder “web/mygame/scenes” and delete all the files there and put all your files instead.

  4. Go back to the main folder and run “compile.html”

  5. If it ask you to choose a folder pick the main one in which all those files are (by default it’s named “choicescript-master”)

  6. You should see this message

Click “here” and download the compiled game. That’s all


Thank you! I thought you meant that I could run it from the site, not just download it. Sorry, misunderstood.


Ohh sorry, I didn’t express myself clearly. I’m so used to get my hands on this things that I forgot some people doesn’t know. Hope it helps, if you need anything else just ask.

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No worries, thank you! Now that I did it, I remember doing it back in the days before Dashingdon, I had just forgotten. My brain is just overloaded by trying to resolve the save bug, so everything feels weird.


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Also, something to keep in mind: compiling tool only packages scenes that are in the *scene_list. If you have a couple stray text files that are called by *goto_scene and *gosub_scene and not in the startup list, then those will be missing and the game will throw errors at people.


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