What are your favorite underrated current WIPs?

I’ve seen a few of these threads floating around but nothing recently so I want to ask! What are some of your fav current/new WIPs that you feel don’t get enough attention or appreciation? Lets help support each other and boost some awesome games! :blush:


Some of the ones I really liked that doesn’t get enough attention (I guess I’m measuring by reply counts) are:

I’m a bit biased because science fiction is my favorite genre and there seems to lack an amount of WIPs in comparison to saturated genres like fantasy (no hate intended).

I usually have a love-hate relationship with stories involving “magic” and/or “school” and especially if it’s both (basically a Harry Potter story) but I really loved this one. I think what I liked about this is that the protagonist is old lol and I get to be a higher up instead of being a student. I haven’t played this in a while but I’m hoping I get to terrorize the students.

I didn’t mention some of the WIPs I liked because they’re (rightfully) getting enough attention and I don’t think they’re underrated.


Thanks @whitebear . Kudos to my co-author @Charles_Parkes
If you like our game, I strongly recommend The Paradox Factor too, an old and very well done short time-travel puzzle by @Lucid


Love that game too! It was so frustrating and so depressing (in a good way). It felt like a text based version of Primer but less ultra complicated timelines - although it is still a puzzle game after all, so it’s still hard - and hella darker.


Chicago Slaughter. It got barely any attention which is such a shame because it’s fantastic and the art too was great for the tone it was going for.

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I’m a big big fan of Greenwarden. It’s not exactly an unknown WiP but it deserves way more attention than it gets. It’s fantastically written, has an intriguing plot and some very diverese characters. It also allows for a lot of MC customization, and lets the player decide how their MC deals with their internal challenges rather than forcing a feeling on the player. It does have some heavy content though, so be sure to check the content warnings for anything that might be a bit much.


I feel like The Astralchemist’s Apprentice has been slept on a little bit. The Iranian based setting is a breath of fresh air, and you get so much space to shape the mc’s motivations and priorities. Just very satisfying to play.

The Astralchemist's Apprentice (WIP) - Updated 11/25 - #31 by GoldenW


Speaker is excellent, and the demo was updated just today!


I’m probably off on this one :rofl:,but im really digging the pon para series. Have that fate of the storm gods feel to it. I think most of the ones I enjoyed,most others did too so I’m kinda drawing a blank :rofl:.

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I have a list on Tumblr
As for the underrated WIPs, I think it’s Replica: between universes, Scales of Justice and maybe The Bureau.
Many others are less known because they haven’t been updated for a long time. I think some of them are unfortunately dead, although the authors haven’t officially said so.


It’s been some time since I’ve played it, but I liked the demo for Enchanted in blood quite a bit, and I don’t really see people talk about it that much.


I usually don’t try WIPs but here are some of the good ones

  1. Wayhaven chronicles -book 3
    If you like vampire mysteries then this one is for yoh
  2. Vendetta : Ever wondered what would happen if you were in prohibition era and how would you create your own criminal empire. Try this one
  3. Relics 2 : Love Indiana Jones. Well now is your chance to become one
  4. The adventures of Sherlock Holmes(affairs of the heart) : it is self explanatory
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Forsaken. I love being powerful.