What archetypes and traits do you usually use for most of your MCs?

Mainly the title. Are there any traits or archetypes you end up using for most of your main characters, also known as the ones made by the player?

I’ll start. My MC is usually fairly no-nonsense, somewhat stoic, fairly ambitious and selfish, mainly cares about themselves and people close to them. Ability to emote is usually equal to that of a brick, is willing and happy to pave their road to success by any means necessary. Archetype I end up recycling from game to game is somewhat akin to memetic “stone cold killa” or, in more serious form, “a person with no conscience and a lot of drive”.

Traits? Usually unemotive, usually male, usually have black hair and English-sounding names. Occasionally I pick redheads. Look mostly either white or east asian, usually have light eyes, be they light blue, grey or blue.

What are your most commonly used traits and archetypes? Do you recycle traits or archetypes between your MCs?

  • I tend to play as male;
  • I always go for female RO (I tried some Fem MC x male RO, but they are the exceptions);
  • If possible I play as a calm and rational MC;
  • I like to play as “stealthy/behind the shadows/I don’t care about fame” MC;
  • If possible I play as pragmatic MC;
  • About “build” I’m not a fan of Tank Builds, so I tend to play as powerful but fragile (glass cannon): assassin, mage or strategist;
  • For emphasis, I really like a strategist MC;
  • If MC is a mage I like the healing or dark magic specialist MC.

I vary quite a bit, but I’m very fond of playing as a scoundrel… I like sneaky characters, I like charismatic characters, and I also enjoy playing as religious or spiritual characters. I often play men romancing men, and for hair colours it’s often black or blond.


I often build MCs like I build TTRPG characters; there isn’t a specific MC personality or archetype that I always use, and I often make multiple different MCs for one game (all the better for achievement hunting), with one or two becoming my “primary” MCs. However, at least one will be Neutral Good (or as close to that alignment as the game parameters permit). Appearance-wise, at least one of my MCs (and almost always the primary one) will have gray eyes if the customization permits.


Well, it depends on the game’s setting, and which LIs I want to read about. I always play once with a generic OC I have (well, she’s not really generic, but she’s your average, everyday nice girl with a slow temper and a lot of patience, and a good one to test things with). Once I do that, and figure out if I want to play the game and which ROs I want characters for, I start developing my MCs…

My MC's typical traits:

Female (I happily play video games where I RP a dude, but in IF, I play female or don’t bother, unless I want to help work out a male OC I’m writing).

Hair color differs, depending on how I picture them, but more often than not they have some flavor of red or blond hair… or black. I do have a few with brown hair, so this isn’t a set thing.

Personalities differ, but I love RPing reckless characters, so they are typically either reckless or have little fear of anything.

More often than not, they are sarcastic. Sometimes, they start sarcastic, then develop as more serious (depending on how their backstories play out).

Most of them are pessimists, but sometimes I make an optimist just because it feels right. Or because the story is dark and I am feeling contrary and want to develop a MC that contradicts what the author is pushing, lol.

Almost all of my MCs are varying degrees of stubborn. It’s a trait I understand well ahem. Sometimes, it’s fun to play a pushover, though. Even if it starts annoying me after a while.

I also tend to like badass characters with good hearts. They may be able to beat you to death with your own intestines, but if someone they care about is in need, they’d do anything to help them. I don’t enjoy playing nasty characters or outright murderers. Self-defense is great, and defending those you care for, but just killing people to add to your body count makes me cringe, which is why I can’t play a true villain in FH. When I write characters like that, I have to put them back in their box when their scene is done and not let them out for a long time.

All of my MCs have some kind of issue. It may be extreme or not, but usually comes from trauma, something that happened in their past, a character flaw that is glaringly obvious, emotional problems, or even just one of the seven deadly sins they tend toward (one of my MCs is nice as can be, but too lazy to get up unless someone makes her). I don’t like perfect characters.

In romance, my characters always go for male ROs, but may go for a poly if the involved parties are good.

Most other traits vary wildly, but my OCs are never the shy blushing type because I hate playing that. They may be more reserved (like my marshal in ItFO), but if the text equates reserved to stuttering and freaking out over the mention of sex or flirting, I rework them. I will make an exception in cases where the game setting or character’s background presents a reason for them to border on freaking out over everything, but most times that kind of thing is written in a way that makes me sneer.

As for recycling, I never recycle actually MCs or their names (save for one that I use for another game because the author put a little tidbit in for some players she knows, and I have to use the name, at least!). Some may be similar in some regards, but they are different in my head and they develop differently due to the environment they’re in. Their histories are always different, too–sometimes, because the author gives you a history for your MC, but if we head canon it, I have a different foundation for them all, anyway.

When I pick a MC’s name, I take a ridiculous amount of time doing it. I have an excel spreadsheet of names and words from all languages to assist, and I either have it fit the character 100% or be mocking in some way (one of my MCs that is the most pessimistic, her name means “Hope” and she has none). Surnames always give me fits, though…

I did this for ItFO. Unfortunately, she’s limited to my ability to strategize, which is basically, “go in and kill them all!” so she’s kind of screwed…


For my first run through a game, I almost always go for compassionate, friendly, charismatic, intelligent MCs. I rarely ever play the strong/combat-oriented MC. I prefer my MC to solve problems with her mind rather than force if possible. I experiment with other builds on subsequent runs though.


My characters depends of the setting to determine their apparences, but i usually make a archetype of “The cold but gentle”, a archetype of a stoic and smart person but the helps everyone he can, sometimes complain about it but he is not a machine so he cares about the people, but he understand he cant save everyone.

My MC is also straight and male.


Personality of my MC’s usually depends on the game and the author’s writing style. For example, in one game I like the way stoic MC behaves, but I don’t like how flirting options are written. In another game, it may be quite the opposite. The only type I always avoid is cute, shy MC. Ew.

As for the appearance… they are always tall or very tall (I have complex because of my very short height :joy:). I have a weakness for unnatural eye colour like violet or golden, I always choose them whenever possible. To them dark hair and olive or light brown skin tone. Tattoos are sexy. Piercing sometimes too.

Their names come from many languages, I have on the list English, Celtic, German, Scandinavian, Russian, Japanese, Hindi (but I never choose names from my country :sweat_smile:) and others. Surnames for some reason they are mostly French, dunno why.

I like when my MCs to have tech / science skills and generally I prefer to rely on intelligence rather than strength.

I prefer male ROs over female or non-binary, but when I can choose their gender I always try to keep the number of genders more or less equal.

They will always have a mess in their room/apartment…

They will always choose tea over coffee…

a bow or magic staff instead of a sword…

Ok, enough.


I don’t why, but I LOVE playing as a sarcastic “know it all” jackass with a heart of gold. I usually pair it with high intelligence.

Oh, and he’s straight male.

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It depends a lot on the game but my MCs always tend to be pragmatic, cynical and with a good balance between emotional & stoic.

now more specific things

• I don’t have a specific gender I like to play but one rule I have is that my male MCs are short/average and the female ones are tall

• I don’t have a preference for the gender of the Ros either, I like to randomize them and pick whoever is more interesting

• If the game is about a war or something like that I will always choose to be a tactician

• I really like to pick the hazel eye colour when available

• If it’s fantasy I will focus on solving the problems using spells and potions instead of fighting (and I will probably choose to be an elf)

• They aren’t overly romantic or flirty


I use a female mc most often. Tends to be short, pale, with black or blue wavy ear length hair. Gray eyes always when I can. I normally romance men but occasionally I’ll romance anyone. My mc tends to be strategic, stoic, angry, pragmatic, and stubborn. My mc is usually the assassin type.

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Oh, another MC question, I love them!

I love roleplaying all kinds of characters, that’s what draws me to RP: being and thinking like someone else with a unique personality and values. So I don’t really have a type of MC I usually play, because I try to make them quite different from one another.

Having said that, I have one particular type of character I especially enjoy playing, but I don’t get to play that often because not many games allow me to portray this type very well. I call it: The Mean Girl archetype - genderbend edition! :laughing: The genderbend part is because although the type name has “girl” in it, almost all of my characters are male. It’s obviously based on a cult movie Mean Girls, which I absolutely love! This type of character is popular, flirtatious, a social butterfly who loves attention, but is extremely arrogant, mean and catty. I love this type because I enjoy playing flawed characters, and this type not only allows playing a very flawed MC, but it also leaves room for a backstory headcanon explaining why they’re like that. Additionally, playing such a character adds drama to the story.

Other than that, I often use MBTI types as a starting point for my MC’s personality, for example: I want to make an ENTP character, which means they’re going to be clever, chaotic and humorous, and so on.

If there is combat in the game, I tend to play characters who are more brain than brawn; I most likely won’t play a warrior, but rather be a rogue or mage.

Most of my characters are gay men, their appearance can vary greatly, but they tend to be quite feminine or androgynous. Also I have a huge weakness for long hair, most of my MCs have them.

Naming is one of my favourite parts of character creation, I like to use names from different languages depending on the MC’s ethnic and cultural background that I have in mind for them.


Speaking on the “gameplay” side of things, I almost always try to go for a hybrid-class or jack-of-all-trades type - especially if there’s a half combat/strength, half stealth/agility build.

Unfortunately, a lot of the games I’ve played here seem to discourage these sorts of builds by having their stat checks get too strict for them.

As for personality, please tell me I’m not the only one who unintentionally self-inserts a bit on first playthroughs, regardless of what I’m trying to roleplay…


Almost every COG/HG discourage that build: a jack of all stats will always become a Master of None because your stats will never high enough for the final checks.
COG/HG design is “choose 1-3 main stats, choose 1 average stat for emergency, stick to them for all the book”.


As others said, depends on the game but I usually stick with this :
Stoic, rather neutral to everything around him, does not bend his back to please others but does not mind helping around
When it’s about helping people, I like to describe it following my Shep from Mass Effect : Paragon to friends and family, neutral to strangers and Renegade to the meanies.
Usually stays by the books, but always preaches revenge rather than justice when someone wrongs them enough to earn it, and he can pretty resentful, resulting in a nasty payback.

Always helps his closed ones, but if one of them ever wrongs him badly without a really good reason, will rarely ever forgive. Follows a policy of “Maybe you deserve a second chance but I decide if you get it or not”. They rarely get it but that’s a spoiler

Gameplay wise, I always tend to go towards a close-combat fighter who knows to use his brain. Games rarely allows this straight away, but when I can, my MC has high Combat stats, followed closely with high Tactical stats.
Weapon of choice is sword, otherwise I go fists and kicks on their butts.

Mostly cautious, but if possible, I like to be “cautiously reckless”, as in being bold is part of the plan.

Oh and if you didn’t get it already, my MC’s male. And straight. And the RO choice mostly fully depends on their personality. A redhead always gets me going though. I learned from the best witcher


Yeah, that’s a damn shame in my opinion. Gets worst when they make you pick one good stat, one average, and one you suck at. But that’s another topic !


I like to play as a blustering warrior who just loves to scowl at everything. Basically, he is a very intimidating and aggressive person, but when the time comes, he will make the right decision.

Then I’ll play someone who is really smart and manipulative (cue my Sidestep). No romance for them - just pure power grab. It is fun to play as an incorrigible villain sometimes!

I usually stick to a female MC who is nice (but hopefully not a doormat*) with a preference for diplomacy/speech/charisma if those are options. If I have to do combat stuff, I prefer agility and ranged stuff to melee and strength.

*I’ll generally play a doormat before being mean though.


My power fantasy in CoG is being nice and being able to do nice things for the people I care about.

I typically go for ranged/magic and whatever the “smart one” stat is, typically because years of playing rpgs has told me that having knowledge/int stats sometimes gives you more backstory/worldbuilding.


I almost always play a charismatic, sociable character on a first runthrough. I veer between total airheads and manipulative characters, but I don’t usually play someone who’s really intellectual or physically competent - at least not on a first go.