How do you tend to make your protagonists?


Part of the draw I think about a lot of choice games is the ability to insert whatever protagonist the player chooses into each story. I’m a bit curious as to how the general audience tends to take advantage of that.

How do people typically make their protagonist whenever they play a game? Do you insert yourself, or do you have a type that you play every single time, or do you re-invent a new protagonist for every game you play depending on what fits the story best? Or do you like to be a rebel and be the opposite of whatever the game is expecting you to be?


As me, for sure. Maybe not me in my life as I know it now, just myself reacting as though I am that character in that universe, if that makes sense. For example, I have terrible NPC guilt, I can never be meaner to characters than I would be to actual people in real life without feeling terrible about it. I know, that’s probably weird. :sweat_smile: Same with RO, though. I can never bring myself to explore a romance with a character unless I would also potentially find someone like that to be a suitable option IRL. That may also be why I have such a hard time with immersion in male gender-locked games, 100% prefer to play as female (The Walking Dead’s Lee being one of the very few examples, and maybe the first game I ever completed playing as a dude).

In subsequent play throughs, depending on how many different options there are, I may purposefully force myself to stray and pick things that go against type, but usually not by too much.


I usually try to curry the favor of as many NPCs as possible. Depending on the game that makes me either a Machiavellian schemer or an incredibly nice and selfless person.


I try to shake it up, but I do tend to prefer playing characters who are somewhat like an idealized version of myself – passionate, maybe a little idealistic, and very much a people person.


I really to throw different characters arround. Especially if it creates some nice chemistry and drama with other characters. But I mostly play IF games making a lot of diferent MCs, so the way I make them varies.


My first playthrough is always a character that reflects me. The second playthrough is usually things that I will never do. Besides those choices that you always choose the same outcome, cause you just can’t pick the others, it’s usually two totally different playthroughs. I then sometimes make a third just to get more of a variety in the game.


I can only do polar ends of the spectrum my character is either super nice or super angry for example in Sabres of Infinity and Heroes Rise my MC is the most selfless person you could imagine but in Children of the Gods and CCH I am full of anger and a desire for vengeance my one exception would be Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights were my MC just does whatever he finds amusing so he does both good and evil without really caring.


Oh, gosh, usually I wimp out on actually hurting any NPCs, unless they’re the villain. Usually I go through a game with three playthroughs:

  1. Super nice, super caring MC
  2. Hella ruthless MC
  3. “Perfect” MC–using trial and error to get the end I want the most.


i usually try to make a perfect version of myself. i live vicariously through these games tbh


I guess my usual procedure is sort of “me inspired.” It depends on the setting, though. And if I’m playing someone younger than myself (high school things, or most especially in 6th grade detective), sometimes I deliberately try to channel some of my younger self’s traits that I no longer have.

With more divergent settings, like Choice of the Petal Throne, I still tended to play with my values, but a rather more different personality. This also happens when you’re set to be more of a specific person, or in something like Slammed.

Sometimes I experiment more. The first ever Choice of Games was Psy High, and I tried it with three completely different personalities… the first was more me-like, but I remember also doing the “just wants to be normal” playthrough too.


I don’t know what it says about me, but I like playing as the bad guy. :smiling_imp:


Usually a chaotic but practical friend to all but my finger tends to twitch to “kill” when I catch a whiff of the undead.

Also I might drop everything in pursuit of large and/or adorable characters. Especially dudes but I’ll gladly accept amazons.


I tend to be as true to my own personality as the story allows me, standing back and making the smart choice, though sometimes I get pressed into action when I know a smarter way to go about it.


First, I tend to play IF like I play Mass Effect. Full on douchebag with a maniacal laugh, and sinister smirk. Since I find those choices to be very entertaining. Second time around I play more to my own personality with more neutrality.


I always play as me, maybe slightly altered, but fundamentally me, which is why I won’t play a game with a male MC or won’t get into a hetero romance. I try to talk my way out of situations instead of fight, I always pick the cry option, I let my heart make all the tough choices and above all I put love first.


If given the chance I tend to go for cynical and somewhat jokingly snide but well meaning or go straight into cartoonish supervillainy
I also tend to be power grubbing.


I like to test the waters a little as I play, find out what kind of MC suits this particular setting, but I tend to go for an MC that shares some of my values, but may differ in terms of personality. I am, admittedly, a wimp when it comes to hurting NPCs and prefer more merciful choices, unless a character truly deserves otherwise. My MCs tend to be good with words and polite, just because I am so socially awkward in real life. Also, they tend to be more affectionate than yours truly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reading this thread I just noticed that I never play as myself, ever. I usually go for females playing the persuasive role and getting things done the most unviolencish way. :blush:


So you play as me? Lol


Believe it or not, I always name my character Elizabeth. :joy: