What about a Youtuber game?


I was thinking of a game inspired by the “Paranormal Investigator” channels on Youtube, like The Haunting of Sunshine Girl and The Haunting World of CW. I will make it gender locked to female.
The game will be about the MC’s adventures into the “Paranormal”. If I get a ton of “That idea sucks” comments then I’ll stop posting game ideas and ghost.


Everything about that sounds interesting…except for the gender lock.


The two channels I mentioned have female leads. I supose I could make it possible to make a male MC, but I don’t want to do that until I can do a sequel. Most “Paranormal” channels have female leads.



Naturally, I’m not interested in stoppering your creative juices. But, I also won’t lie about how I feel as a reader. I don’t enjoy gender locks unless I’m playing a pre-defined character. (i.e. gender-locked Guenevere is okay because it is Guenevere!) If it’s an Original Character, there’s less real reason to gender lock.


I was inspired by the two channels I mentioned and both have female leads. And yeah, I know the shows are fake. I was on facebook and saw a picture of a guy kissing a girl with a “ghost” photobombing them. The girl was Sunshine aka Page.


A game as a paranormal web series maker sounds good. You should probably not have it gender locked unless having a gender switch would completely change the game like in historical games. It’s relatively easy to code a pronoun switch and if you need help you can ask or check out the tutorials.

People who play COG like creating their own character with their own personality (skeptic, fearless, scardycat, or something like that)and gender (even though gender doesn’t really change the story). Interactive narrative games need to be interactive or else they’re just stories.


How do I code this game. I want the player to be able to customize the MC’s username and appearance and personality. I don’t want to have a male MC. It’s not the style of the type of Youtube show Iwant the game to feel like.


What does gender have to do with style? Women and men are equally capable of doing the style of anything.


Why do you keep making these threads where you say an idea for a game, then have it go very, very stagnant?

If it’s just an idea, post it on the game ideas for authors thread instead of constantly making different topics where we all discuss things but ultimately get nowhere. If you are going to make it, make it, make your own thread about your progress and asking for specific information, not inviting vague ideas with a vague title and an incredibly loose premise.

I’m tired of this. I’m tired of seeing these disorganised game ideas with some kind of copyright tag attached to them pop up every so often with no result. Is this a project?

This seems very much like an interest gauge, but then you’ve given little to no information about the possible game, plot, characters, or anything one would consider “proof of the pudding”, so to speak. Can you at least give us something to work with and discuss in depth?

It feels like the blind leading the blind out here, no offense to anyone with visual impairment intended.


@moderators I’m pretty sure you’ve been warned by mods about creating these threads. Are you actually working on this, or is this just another thread that will be abandoned?



If you are good with visuals, you can use chronicler which is a visual choice script editor.

Write up at least the first chapter/ intro before you post or game idea or consolidate all your game ideas into one thread so the forum is less cluttered. I think a mod can consolidate all your threads into one. There is no rule against working on multiple games at once, but there should be more than just the concept. I still highly recommend not to unnecessary gender lock the MC.


I’m so happy to see that this is an original idea!

If learning choicescript is proving too tough for you then you might want to template your game out in Twine first. Twine is extremely easy to start with.


Honestly I think gender locking of any kind is unfairly stigmatized hereabouts (not by everyone and not all the time, because lets be honest I have to be BLOODY careful in how I word this) but have always thought that “I want to write it like this” is a perfectly valid justification for any creative decision. That said you have to be aware about how you’ll be limiting your potential audience. I’ve likewise said that having to play only your own gender and sexuality kind of irritates me, but that’s a WHOLE other carton of fish.

TL;DR write what you want and if its good people will read it regardless.

Now as for the core idea of the game goes I’d definitely be interested, but “paranormal” is a hugely broad term. I think people would like to see you expand on your blurb before deciding yay or nay.

Whether you decide to develop in ChoiceScript or Twine I’d be interested to see what this turns in to.