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Thank you for pointing this out, however, I have been unable to duplicate this error. Do you perhaps, have a screenshot?


is not a error per say. its just part of the sentence.


Thank you for the response. Does “*line_break” show up in the text, as in a coding error, or are you referring to a different portion of the sentence?


it just appears as part of the text, as in you wrote *line_break next to the sentence.


Thank you very much! It was indeed a coding error. I have corrected the demo.


So he is similar to how the villain grandmaster can predict what you will do unless fighting someone like cesspool who is so crazy he could do anything.

Will we be able to work for any of the special groups and even countries possibly in this game?

And would it be possible to work together with other heros or villains?


You will have opportunities to work with different groups depending on the story route you take. To name a few, you will have the opportunity to work with, or against V.A.M.M. (Voices Against Mass Murder), the Safe Streets Initiative (a task force assigned to clean up the slums), or become the face of a global corporation. Other enhanced people will always play a role in your story, no matter which path you choose. For those seeking to carve their own path, solo routes are available as well. The majority of the story paths have options for heroism, villainy, self indulgence, peace, violence, and in some cases, extreme violence.


How about we mass murder the voices against mass murder…


You are certainly welcome to try!


Arnold - Chairman of a relief center in the slums

Enhanced Ability:

Special Attack - Denial


Expert in volunteer work, leadership ability

Brave, kind-hearted, short-tempered, altruistic

R.I.P. Arnold


How do you feel about hidden stats?

  • I prefer to see all stats relevant to my progress.
  • It is not important that I see all of the stats relevant to my progress.
  • I am indifferent regarding this issue.
  • I would prefer the option to view additional stats.

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i think adding a option to show or not hidden stats at the beginning of the game would be great if this does not give u too much work.


Thank you for responding. :slight_smile:


Due to file size limits, I am no longer able to host the demo on the dashingdon website. I have relocated the demo here.

7/14/2018 Update includes:

  • Beginning of phase one memory trace

  • Revamp of stats page

The most time consuming portions of my code have been completed, therefore I will be able to move through the story a bit more quickly. However, I do not expect to make much headway next week, as I will be attending San Diego Comic-Con. I will resume my progress thereafter. Once again, thank you for your patience and continued interest, and as always, all feedback is welcome and appreciated.


There isn’t a save system :sob:


The save system was provided by dashingdon. I apologize for the inconvenience. I m working towards implementing my own save system. Thank you for your patience.


I love the new update and it finally just sunk in how massive this game truly is. With how many choices there are just within the three chapters I really really hope this wip makes it all the way. I absolutely adore this wip already and I can’t wait to get know all of the characters. Enjoy comic con



Thank you for catching this, it will be corrected on the next update.


The save system has been restored to the demo.