War of Supremacy (WIP) (Codex added!) (New Kingdom stats)

Hey everyone, I’m currently working on bringing a game from my imagination to life!

When I started writing this game, I couldn’t shake the worry that maybe there’s too much text and not enough choices. Am I going overboard with words? Are the details not good enough? Am I writing it the right way? That’s why I’d really appreciate your thoughts before I keep going.

Here is the summary!

Chosen since birth by a dark deity, you’re destined to trigger a world-altering event as they aim to destroy all gods, harboring a deep hatred towards them. Your role in this plan is set, regardless of your personal inclinations.

In the aftermath of 16 years, the echoes of war reverberated across the lands, casting an ominous shadow over the once serene realm. The Kaiser empire’s clandestine invasion, fueled by their enigmatic gifted individuals wielding powers since birth, plunged the capital into chaos. As the city’s foundations quivered under the onslaught, the obscure designs of the dark gods began to unfold, their sinister machinations weaving a tapestry of impending doom. Amidst this unfolding cataclysm, destiny beckons, drawing you inexorably to the epicenter of this brewing storm.

In the heart of this turmoil, a pivotal choice looms: to thwart the Kaiser empire’s encroachment or, perhaps, seize the opportunity to claim dominance over them. The lure of forging alliances with neighboring kingdoms, uniting against this common threat, offers a glimmer of hope against the encircling darkness. Alternatively, the intoxicating allure of embarking on a conquest spree, subjugating lands far and wide, presents itself as a tempting path to supremacy.

Yet, amid the thundering clash of steel and the crackling energies of arcane might, a profound realization crystallizes—a battle beyond mortal comprehension is imminent. At the fulcrum of this impending clash between deities, destiny has ordained your presence. The weight of the impending clash hangs heavy upon your shoulders, casting the die for the fate of realms and the fabric of existence itself.

•Play as a Prince/Princess
•Consider marrying Lord Erick or his sister Lady Lily, or explore an alternative path by wedding a prince or princess from one of the three kingdoms.
•Decide whether to have children or not.
•Embark on a conquest to reclaim your lands from the clutches of the Kaiser Empire. After regaining control, would you consider a widespread invasion using your demon army?
•Utilize the forces of hell to obliterate your enemies.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/rajbir/war-of-supremacy-/mygame/

Right now, there are 40,000 words.

Update- 30,000 words added


The description you have sounds really cool! Can’t wait to see where the story goes!


Maybe there really isn’t enough choices here, but all of this can be fixed in the future. For the beginning of the IF it’s enough.

The story itself is interesting, I didn’t drop it after 4-5 minutes, like I usually do when I get bored.

I also noticed a couple of mistakes related to “gender”, towards the end I was constantly being addressed as “Crown Prince” instead of “Crown Princess”.

Anyway, good luck! Looking forward to updates.


Hey! Thanks for checking out my WIP and highlighting the gender mistakes. I’ve noticed them now too after playing through it again. I’ll make sure to fix those. I’ll also try to include more choices for players to choose from.


Hey guys! I’ve created a Codex that talks about different kingdoms like the Kaiser Empire, the Blessed Ones, the Honoured Five Ones, and the Dark God. I’ve also added new stats.


Good luck with your work!!


I don’t know if I have missed it, but you should state what we are actually doing in the game, not going into detail you could tell what we can expect, without spoilingbanything.
Cool concept, hope you will keep up with updates.

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@Tigerian_Prime Are you inquiring about the various activities available within the game? For instance,

•Play as a prince/princess


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Damn that was good.

I enjoyed more then I thought I would.

Good game bro.

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@random_dude1 Thank you for reading! I’m happy you liked it! I’m excited to share my progress, but I need to wait until I’ve written at least 40,000 more words before I update it. Right now, I’ve written an additional 2,500 words, so I still need another 37,500. I’m working on it non-stop and will try to update it as soon as possible!


Yep, if ist’s in the demo, I haven’t checked it out yet. It would be nicebif you had it in tge introduction of this topic


I understand. Initially, I needed to sort out my thoughts before introducing what players can do. However, in the next update, I’ll also cover what players can finally expect to do in the game.


I am gam, bring it on.

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I’ve added 30,000 more words because I suddenly stopped writing. I felt like I had bitten off more than I could chew by attempting to make a game like this on my first try, especially with my limited coding skills. Nonetheless, here’s the latest update!


Cahpter1 line 2407: bad label h

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Thank you for informing me, I’ve fixed it.

What do you think about adding saves? :sweat_smile:


Chapter1 line 3246: bad label g

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@Wolvenkrass I’ve added it now.


@Xiomy_Gomez Thanks for catching that. I’ve fixed it, but it takes a little while before the fix shows up on DashingDon.