Voyage of the Eldritch (UPDATED, 19/03)

Another future scene:

You find yourself face to face with a strange being in biology class. She has pointy cat ears and a floppy tail, but she (or it? you could never tell!) also has a humanoid body and meows whenever you poked it… It flinches and miaows some more once the Professor explains what it was.
“That,” says the Professor poking with his scapel, “is a Felixus Homo-Erectus of the kitty dimension.” The catgirl flinches and her hair stands on end.
“St-s-sstop poking me! That hyurts!” the catgirl splutters and spits as the Professor prods her body some more, “I’m Myano!”

“What was that?! She said her name was-” one of the students remarks
“Bu-but I thought catgirls were an anime fantasy!” an indignant skeptic replies
“Kyaaaa~! So cute! So adoraburu~!” says an anime fan, shortly before nosebleeding all over the place. The professor looking non-plussed was calm and ordered the nurse to clean up the mess made in the corridor. In the meantime Myano keeps miaowing and looking quite lost and erratic as she was not used to being in biology class with the rest of the students staring.

“Alright Myano, your inspection is done. Now, you can have your cat-treats, a turn on the laserbeam and then attend the rest of our class session.” the Professor says in a calm voice before sneezing loudly, “Sorry 'llergies!”

Thank you for the fix ( and make as many puns & jokes as you please😊)

Currently you can:

  • Visit the dorms to study (ie. Go to classes from the dorms, NPCs coming soon)
  • New clothes options
  • Choose your name and surname
  • Answer Professor Leon’s question (and get a book in return)
    Attend Professor Leon’s class (unfinished for now)
  • Try to buy some uni books (shop is still unfinished though)
  • Meet Myano the cat-girl and a demon in biology!
  • Attend the beginning of Microbiology class
  • Currently fixing the Go-Fish minigame
  • Random scenes in biology

Still to come:

  • Updating inventory system
  • Random events
  • Introducing the tea ceremony Professor (see reference picture)

  • small-ish update:

As you enter the corridor that seems to loom before you, you had to duck because of all of the foilage and vines that seem to be decorating the interior of the vast room. Puzzled, you take time to inspect a nearby vine that dangles from an archway, which instantly blooms to your own intrigue. “Guess the Professor must really be into plants,” you mutter to yourself.

You find yourself in a sparsely decorated room which was furnished with Victorian decor, along with a desk that seemed to be carved from mahagony. You take a good look at how the desk seemed be varnished and spent some time analysing the desk, it seemed as all time was lost… You run your fingers along the desk, it seemed to be swept clean of dust, to your relief. “May I help you?” says a stern voice behind you. Spinning around you find yourself looking at intensely gold eyes belonging to the Professor.
“I, uh, maybe? Geez, you almost gave me a heart attack right there,”
you remark.


Surprise update! Buying books from the university shops

Also, dragon eggs are buyable in the university shop:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality

I’m sorry I had to do it, I am so sorry

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Hit “no” at the start and the game rocketed off anyway!

I’m a professor. Shouldn’t I be teaching this class?

Mmm, seems like a large portion of the pathways in the game either aren’t programmed or loop in on themselves. I would recommend using Choice of Games’ recommendations for building vignettes and scenes rather than the difficult task of trying to create a hub while simultaneously trying to get across a linear story.

Can I ask, should the 5th species in customisation be…

  • Vampire
  • Dragonoid (humoid dragon)
  • Werejaguar (or Bakeneko)
  • Ghost

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So… who’s hungry?!

Facts on the bakeneko

Werejaguar facts

Also, there are actually two types of fox-spirits, Huli Jing (Chinese) and Kitsune (Japanese)

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I like what I’ve seen so far – the time schedule, the different classes, and all the different things you can buy. I like how we can choose to be a student, a professor, or a cult leader, too. There are some issues – like how everything seems to loop and it doesn’t register that I chose professor, not student – but I like all the ideas you’ve set in place so far.

Here's a few specific things:

Yawning, you start a new term of university and check that all your supplies are in order, it is, after all 0…
What does the 0 mean? Anyway, since you introduce the idea of us being connected to the university in the first choice, you may want to move the “you’re starting a new term of university/checking your supplies” until after we’ve made our customization choices so it doesn’t break the flow of the story.

Some rings
I only got one gold ring. :cry:

Current Schedule for 32 pm on 2 -8 pm- “Xenocryptology (Histories/mysteries).” by Professor L. Therus
Perhaps you should *line_break this section so it’s not just one paragraph blob. Also, since I am Professor Therus too, you may want to alter his last name, not have that as a choice for our last name, or indicate that this is “the other Therus” when he’s talking. Otherwise it gets a bit confusing.

I didn’t see you-" you stutter nervously “There, yes I know.” replied the new Professor,
You may want to split this up, since usually when another person speaks they get their own paragraph.

“The L stands for Leonidas,” snorts Prof. Therus, "Plus I decided to expand my knowledge
I’m not sure why he’s bringing up wanting to expand his knowledge as if it’s connected to the L standing for Leonidas. :thinking:

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing more. And I chose ghost in the poll because I feel like that was the more unusual choice, but I wouldn’t mind werejaguar either. :relaxed:


The only tricky bit is, how to implement the whole transforming into a jaguar thing, especially if in cat-form (bakeneko), so do I make this available only to bakeneko, or do I make it available to humans as well? And if so, there is no known methods to turn into a werejaguar, or at least according to ancient Aztec mythology.

That being said… (were-jaguar snarls).

Also, what does everyone think about achievements for this game?

  • Current update: Customising your species! Any animals that you’d like to see in the customising list?
  • Updated the image of a certain Professor… If you’d like to know more about the professor, please enquire!
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I’m personally in favor of achievements. From what you have so far, I can see a few for which classes/projects you’ve done or how much money/supplies you have.

For the species customization, for the first choice I would mention that said choice is for the torso/body. It also may be better to have the list of animals for all the choices be consistent – so by adding rabbit, bat, and skunk, for example, to each section. Perhaps adding an option to not have wings might be a good idea, too. :thinking:

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Enlighten me on what achievements you envision?

It’s not so much envision as it’s what you can use that’s already in the game to create achievements. What I mentioned was just general ideas, but to be a bit more specific – for the money/supplies, for example, there could be an achievement for buying all the supplies, or perhaps an achievement for not buying anything throughout the game and keeping the money you started with.

Where should I put the Chapter 1 page in this mind-map?

It was a bit confusing, but when we’re prompted “What do you prefer?” that’s asking our sexual preference, correct? One of the options is “gender fluid” and that threw me for a loop.

Someone help me here; I don’t trust google. I thought gender fluid is related to gender identity rather than sexual identity?

Do you have any plans to add any more sexualities in possible future updates?

Genderfluid definition: A person who is genderfluid prefers to remain flexible about their gender identity rather than committing to a single gender. They may fluctuate between genders or express multiple genders at the same time!

And I might add “pansexual” as an option later, but I’m of two minds about it…

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May I ask why there isn’t an option for identifying as a lesbian/gay?

I haven’t programmed it in yet.

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Understandable! :smiley: These things are a lot of work! Kudos for the progress you’ve made so far!

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Should I make Professor Ennui have the extra power of… Fourth Wall Observer?

Also, a bonus easter egg!

Also, professor Leonidas’s profile pic!

I’m considering adding a scene to my CS game where a secretary is working on something and the player hands her a coffee that melts the metal spoon in the clay mug… and the secretary drinks it… It’s slightly mithigated since the secretary in this case is an Artificial Intelligence

I’m about to write Misako’s introduction page, is there anything anyone would like to do ingame to interact with her?

I see something about mecha, when you put that in the game?