Visible variable values on Stats Screen or Not?

Hey folks, there’s this WIP I am working on, and the various endings of the game depends on variables based on choices like how many times you do something, like talking to a character, trusting various characters, trying to escape from captors etc.

So I wanted to know whether you would like this variables values to be displayed on the stats screen like:

trust 3
talked to char 2
tried to escape 4

Or would you prefer if the values are not visible on the stats screen at all.


I think it depends on you, ultimately.

Most games put their numerical/text variables on stats, but keep most of the boolean variables hidden. The best example of this system working perfectly is The Dragoon Saga, where we can only see our skill and personality stats, not relationships or other boolean variables.

I think Wayhaven Book 2 implement the system you’re talking about, by letting us see what choices we made in Book 1. There maybe other games which implement this, but sadly I don’t remember rn.

I would recommend doing whatever you feel like doing, then tweaking it based on feedback. It’s your game after all.


I do a “Journey” section of my stats screen that reflects major decisions and choices that the player made per chapter, similar to what you mentioned. Sort of looks like this, though this screenshot obviously shows incomplete decisions:


I made it so that by default, this section is hidden, and a player has to go into the menu settings to toggle it on. You could give players the option to hide or show their values if you wanted the best of both worlds!


Personally, a number value on the amount of times I did x would be pretty immersion breaking.
Part of what makes a good choice game for me is how natural and organic it feels.

Juat my 2 cents.

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