Velocity: The Race Begins (WIP)

Hey guys! I’ve begun work on my second game, Velocity: The Race Begins. In it, you play a troubled teen coming from a disfunctional family who gets caught up in the world of illegal street racing.

Only from the prologue to chapter 2 is up so far so there’s more to come. Just testing the waters a bit with this game.

I only plan to upload a few chapters here to seek some much needed feedback, possibly chapters 1 - 3. The rest will be reserved for the completed game. I would greatly appreciate any advice you may have. Thanks!

To play the demo, go here:


didn’t get to try it yet, but will definitely bookmark for later, btw saves broken

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Oh sure thanks! I forgot to add the saves for this onel


The idea has me interested but will half to play later on. Work and storms/floods not a good combination lol


Thanks :laughing:

I like it so far, but the is a bug with the curtains hair style and a bug for the next chapter(? Or you didn’t write it, but the massege was ‘not writen’)


How do i become a tester for the full book before the release

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One initial thought is that you should either indicate in the choice that “hard looks” = male gendered MC while “soft looks” = female gendered MC or give a follow up confirmation that the reader intended this choice.

When I read the choice, I interpreted it as the baby’s personality starting out “soft” or “hard”




I love it


Ah, you’re the one from the subreddit. Good luck to you, always great to see another sports sort of title!


Love the prologue in how it actually goes through each year of the MC’s life, giving us a bit more insight on the family


I bet we get into a shootout

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As someone who’ve been in to fights, the most dangerous ones are the guys who get to learn how to fight boxers.Kids are kind of the dangerous ones.But, once you know how to do it’s dirty fighting like I do I don’t fight there.I am for the lower juggler or anything that is a soft tissue When that kid spit on my food, I knew how this was gonna end I’m no rug To walk all over. But I won’t be the one starting the fights until someone does that. Don’t waste good food. In front of me And another thing, I definitely blamed the father. One he brought this situation to happen. Cheating on your partner is never a good idea.And having children and In the same house as them, that’s just extra terrible.


I uploaded chapter 1 and added the save plus error fixes☺️.


I fixed it.

If you’d be interested in that I could share with you a separate link. I would appreciate the advice a lot. Much thanks!

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Hey thanks a lot for pointing this out. I really didn’t think it through. It would be better to make it easier to know that this is a gender choice for real.

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Who knows but much thanks for giving it a try.

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