Using Multiple choice?

I have started to write a multiple choice fiction story, and I am currently in the brainstorming prep stage. I am asking to see if anyone has any ideas on how many choices I should create per scenario.

I enjoy multiple choice games, that’s actually what brought me here. (

Now I am just seeing if you have any tips and tricks on how to implement effect multiple choice in a story; how often? How detrimental or useful should they be and etc. Thank you for your responses in advance.

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Have you read 5 Rules for Writing Interesting Choices in Multiple-Choice Games? And other articles under game design tag?


Considering you’ve been here for a year a bit less, I believe you can find some topics on #game-development and #game-development:writing-and-content that are relevant.

Try checking them out.

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Thank you I will. Sorry for the delayed reply I have logged back in now. :ok_hand:

Wow thank you for the first article Kotosinica. The points explained help quantify the next step looks like. This has really worked as a sort of framework. Thanks! :wave::eyes:

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