Using info from other series?

So currently I have two separate series in the works, and they’re going to be somewhat interwoven. Is there a way that I can set it up so that that say, you’ve played both series, you can upload your saves from the previous books of both? Some thing about affect? If necessary I should be able to do it manually, with variables and things, but it would be a lot easier if everything was pre-set up in saves or what not.

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There’s no direct way to upload two separate saves into one new book. the only ways would be either have a quick question session to set certain variables after loading one save, the other is quite complex codes that would generate these variables for you


It might be worth just adding a code in each book that can be used to unlock stuff.

Quick example…

*create code ""

If you have played book_name you can enter the code you found here.
*input_text code
*if (code = "book_name")
    *set bonus true
    *goto next_scene
    Sorry that code is incorrect.
    *goto next_scene
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yeah, but that code does not bring in your characters from said book. for that you need to get complex

edit: okay, what I mean with that:

you CAN at the end of either game run a long subroutine that will create a stringcode.

Need to check the exact commands for that (adding characters to a variable)

This means you could have

*label gendercheck
*set var#1 "${gender}" (if you have gender as numeral variables
*goto next
 *if (gender ="male")
   *set var#1 1

(i thiiiiink it was var#1 to have the first position changed? but i’m not sure)
basically have everything important, gender, age, etc be turned into specific positions in the string

then players can enter the code via input_text in the next game and the game will convert it like this

*if (var#1 =1)
   *set gender_book2 1

need to look into the exact commands though, but it is possible

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Yeah that code would only be useful for smaller bonuses :slight_smile:

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I can definitely set stuff up for the other one in game, it would just be a bit immersion breaking.
I guess I could do something like have a choice about if you play the other series, and if you click yes, have a short Q and a session about setting up the most important variables.

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@MeltingPenguins Guenevere still uses the code saves, doesn’t it? Is that what you’re talking about?

If that question was to me, I have no idea what a Guinevere is.

It wasn’t; I tagged the person I was asking. :slight_smile:

Guenevere is a WiP that’s been around for a while and uses an older save system made up of big blocks of code/strings (I honestly can’t remember, it’s been a while). It’s possible you could implement that or something like it so it may benefit you to check it out. I was asking though because I wasn’t sure if that’s what mp was talking about or if there was another similar system I wasn’t aware of.

No, idea. i haven’t played it.

But it’s possible, as, as of now, a long code the game can read out that would allow it to set certain variables without an extensive Q&A or anything is the only way to combine two save files into one book