Using ChoiceScript to start writing, or translating complete story to ChoiceScript

So, unoficially, i wanted to give it a try and write a story thats been on my mind. I started writing it lately but i find it over-frustrating to keep track of the decisions the MC made. I was wondering if you write directly on ChoiceScript or you finish writing it without coding then translate into code.

I dont know how to code so trying and seeing which works best is not in my options as obviously its gonna take time to learn coding first… Also i would be wasting time writing it first if it’s easier with Directly diving into ChoiceScript.

Im not even sure this thread should be under ChoiceScript Help but yeah, here we are.

Oh and, Thanks for any help :slight_smile: :grin:

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Welcome, and glad to hear you are looking to make a story here! Everyone has their own method, but as a first-timer I wrote first and plugged in code after. You should not write the whole thing that way, but it is helpful to have some written in advance, as that is less intimidating than writing fresh in ChoiceScript. Also serves as a second draft of sorts when you come back to it.


Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I would recommend coding as you go. Often the process of coding will suggest things to you that you might not have thought of–ah, I need to balance this stat, so I’m going to need a side branch about this, and so forth.

I find it much, much easier to code as I go.


Personally, I think it wouldn’t hurt to try out CS first, just to get a feel of things and to know the limitations of CS as a language, or the things you could possibly do. That would give you a more informed choice.

Ultimately, each person is different and it’s hard to know which way to go before trying it out at least a little! All the best :smile:

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It sounds as if you would be the most comfortable by outlining or mapping each vignette individually, using that map or outline as the framework for your prose. Once you do that you can hang the prose on code so the code acts as your skeletal structure.

This would allow you use your strength as a foundation throughout the entire project.

Edit: Here are a couple of essential links for beginners:

This is a master link to help you learn CS itself: Master Link for Beginners

This second link is a tool many of us use to make coding easier. CSIDE tool: CSIDE hub


I tried coding as i go and saw its a lot easier.

@Gower this was totally true. I figured if i werent using code, the story would lack a lot of precious details and even most of the stats that M.C has right now :slight_smile:

@nauhziy Yeah, knowing CS actually gave me new options and after getting the hang of it, i was amazed to see what can i possibly do with it :slight_smile:

@Eiwynn This is also so true. It helps me keep track of choices and such. Using it feels like strengthens my writing :slight_smile:

@hustlertwo This is true for me as well, it just feels hard sometimes to write the story on CS and i take my pen and paper out. :slight_smile: