Uploading code of Fanfics

So. I have a Fanfic, that I sort of want to upload to the correct Fanfic forum, partly because well. Why not? Partly to get feedback so I can make my actual game, the one I am starting now, better. but it’s written in COG. How, would I go about this? It’s 20 seene files, each about 1500 lines. Don’t think I can just coppy and paste it into a post.

You are going to need to host the game and then post the link to the game, like the WiP threads do for their demos.


If you are planning to host on a site such as Archive of Our Own, they have their own rules and guidelines regarding the hosting of non-prose fanworks:

As you can see, posting a link to your fan game (such as to Dashingdon) works for AO3.