Unnatural romance guide?

Is there anything special I need to do/know/have or is it straightforward stuff?


I believe the maker of the game had posted a guide on there website back when the game was released


There was but it’s currently out of date. Someone did post the guide. I’ll see if I can find it.


There was this website that had all the romance guides, but it stopped working for whatever reason.

My website had been hacked so I lost the majority of things from the website and as my copy of the game has been edited rewriting the guide would be difficult. I’m looking into finding the post with the romance guide.


I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Name: Austin
Requirements: Female Character

Episode Three
Choose “Creepy Statues" as one of your two cases.
Choose ‘Sit with Austin’ after the mission.

Episode Five
Choose the case “Between a rock and a hard place”
first and select Austin as your partner.
During the case choose to talk to him and choose
the following option…
‘Comfort him’
This should trigger his Romance scene after the
case ends.
There is another scene if you get the mission

Episode Six
After the chat with the player’s father choose
‘Not yet sir’ then choose to train with Austin for
additional scenes.
*Choose the mission “Witch Way” and choose
‘Go on a date’
*Choose the mission “Fangs for the memories”
for another scene.
*Choose the mission “Cure” to trigger a scene
'You will need to agree with him or you will have
to placate him to continue the romance.)
*you will only be able to see two of these three
scenes in a single playthrough.

When given the option choose
‘I want to be Austin’
After this scene you will get the option to either
‘Let it go’ or ‘Press him’
choosing to Press him you must choose
‘Apologise’ afterwards to continue the romance
and see the romance scene.

You will get one of three epilogues depending on
what you choose at the end.

Name: Craig/Sarah
Requirements: Male Character (Craig) or Female
Character (Sarah)/Must promote to Unit Gamma

Episode One
When you bump into Craig or Sarah at the library
studying choose…
‘I can help him/her, for old times sake if nothing
Then after you get into College and he/she asks
to be friends choose…
‘I want to be friends again’

Episode Three
When Craig/Sarah visits you in hospital choose…
‘I didn’t know, I thought I was the only one’
‘I feel the same about you’
When Arthur asks you to recommend someone
for promotion choose Craig/Sarah.

Episode Five
After doing your first case they will come and
find you choose…
‘Sure, I’d love to go’ starts romance scene

Name: Lakota
Requirements: Male of Female Character

Episode Three
When he introduces himself choose…
‘Shake his hand’

Episode Four
When you see Lakota outside your room choose…
‘Okay, why don’t we go and talk at the bar?’
‘I’ve dressed to impress, this is the perfect
chance to get to know him’

Episode Five
When visiting the Fae village and he asks you to
go camp out choose…
‘I’d like that, it wouldn’t hurt to get to know him
more. Besides he may want to do the same.’
Then when he goes to kiss you choose…
‘Wrap your hands around his neck and show him
how it’s done.’
‘Kiss him’
either option starts the romance scene.

Name: Victor
Requirements: Unit Alpha/Must promote to Unit Gamma

Episode One
Keep your physical stat higher than your mental
to get into Unit Alpha or get it higher than 40 and
choose to go into Alpha.

Episode Three
When Arthur asks you to recommend someone for
promotion choose Victor.

After doing “By tooth and claw” or “Creepy
Statues” choose to do “SOS” next and pick
Victor as your partner.

Episode Five
His romance scene will trigger after your first


You know it’s the same guide from your site, right?

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Yeah but I believe most of it works for the current released version. Some were reported not to be triggering but can’t remember which ones. (Only Victor’s if MC is male, and i think Anthony too iirc). least this way they can at least try and once I’ve finished the edits I can do a proper guide to include the new stuff.


Thank you for this guide! Victor is the only person I can’t romance! I was just thinking while completing the achievements, huh? What did I do wrong?! I only went as far as pushing and calling him a jerk? I wish you could give us options in situations like that because my character isn’t that sort of person who gets angry.

I did the 1st and 2nd steps, and I read your guide, I didn’t realize that missions had to be in order to romance him. Thanks.


Uhmm i have a question who is michelle the one who invited ur MC in the party can she be a romance option in season 2 because i choose to go to the party just asking

She will appear in season two again along with her brother Todd but not as an team mate but I’ll consider making her a full romance option.


What about Denise?


But i have romance ashley well i don’t mind but it depends on my choices but my MC loved ashley :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Until I find a way to fix it. There is currently a blip in coding that means if you don’t have your LI as your partner in the first case you do in episode 5 you miss out on the romance scene inbetween cases.

How do I kill zoey walker?..I always die while killing her…

Hello! how to romance scarlet?

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What I did was take her on all cases/missions and on a certain one she gets drunk and confesses her live or something along those lines.

I encountered a bug while trying to romance Victor. After saving the Alphas the game glitched and I romanced Ashley even I said I wasnt interested in her. And is your relationship with Victor only a fling or am I missing something?

Strange. I’ll look into that. Which episode did this happen in?

Victor’s romance is complicated. He’s not one to be all lovey dovey and emotional more of an in the moment kind of guy. I’d say it’s more than a fling but not quite as emotionally involved as the others.