Unique Achievements

I had this idea to implement achievements that could be unique to each player.
The primary reason I thought of this was to help facilitate the control and distribution of DLC, but I’m sure this can be used in other ways as well.

Let’s say you have a hidden achievement called Expansion Pack, and the game was coded to the effect of… if we have this achievement, then do stuff. In fact, there could be an internal check for “unique achievements” so that game designers wouldn’t have to worry about coding this in. All they’d have to do is something like *unique_achievement instead of *achievement.

Back on the game, there could be an Purchase/Activate DLC button that communicates with a server and lets you type in your purchase receipt number (this process can be automated as well, I believe).

That purchase receipt number could then become a part of the name of your achievement, something like… Expansion Pack 1: (receipt number here).

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This seems like overcomplicating things. How would it help control and distribution of DLC? If you wanted to add content that is easy enough to do with variables?


It’s not so much about adding content as making sure the player has the right to access said content. But of course, the instant I say this it turns into a “you cant stop pirates” conversation, which I didn’t want to have.

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Looking at it from a coding aspect I think the fact the variable name can change for each person it would make it a lot harder to track them and make errors more likely.


Oh, I don’t know, I think it would be fairly easy to keep track of as far as back-of-house operations are concerned.

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I’m just thinking receipts will have a lot of numbers and for a different set for every single player then it has to cross reference them with steam/google/Apple etc it seems like a lot of places it could go wrong. Not to mention each store would use different receipt numbers.

I’m not a coder so maybe I’m wrong but with the coding I did for UnNatural it would seem to have a lot of places it can go wrong.

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So, just so I get this right:

You are talking about a code command to replace the plain “hey you played this once” achievement and a possible purchase dialogue after getting that one?

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One example that comes to mind, if I recall correctly, was an old conversation where @Gower was talking about being able to do something with “Tally Ho, ${name}” in an achievement but couldn’t do that because there was no way possible at the current time.

One of the things I’m talking about is being able to modify an achievement name after the fact.


I don’t think controlling DLC distribution is a practical use case for this; the coding necessary to do the checks would probably not be simplified by having the unique achievement.

It could be nice for some sort of dynamic achievement; if there’s some particularly difficult achievement to get it could be used to flag that the player is the Nth person to get the achievement.


That’s definitely one use. :slight_smile:

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I actually wanted “Tally Ho, ${name}” to be the title of the game as it appeared at the top of each screen after you choose your name.

But it turns out you can’t do that.


As a side note, the achievements doesn’t seem to be linked to the user email, the way saved games are?
I mainly play on the website, not through Steam etc., and I have noticed achievements achieved on one computer isn’t achieved when I play on a different computer, even though I was logged in on both.
That would be a problem when trying to unlock stuff through achievements…


Noteworthy that this is a technical limitation that is in large part due to apps (i.e. there’s no easy to do it on Android, and it is, AFAIK, entirely impossible on iOS).

I’m not sure what you mean? Our games don’t have a login on Steam.

@Carlos.R I’m really not sure what this idea is supposed to accomplish. Tying an achievement to a purchase isn’t any more secure than a purchase.

No, but you play through your steam account, and I don’t know whether the achievements are connected to that, so I’m just trying to say that I’m only talking about playing on the CoG website.

Steam has Steam Achievements you unlock on your Steam account the first time you get one of the game achievements. I’m pretty sure the in-game achievements work the same everywhere.

I believe his intention is to make

*achievement visible 1 The name of achievement
   Some description.
   Wohoo, ${name}. You got it.


Or something like that.