Ultimate Noob Coding

Oh thanx

Im just trying to understand it all so the *rand court 1 4 is on my start up page where i put all my *creates

If you only want to roll the random thing once put it under the creates and achievement bits

Keeping it simple, the *rand command works like *set, except it picks random integer that is.

Okay so i’m a new coder i’m gonna be asking a lot of stupid questions on here: so the first one what do I do when I want to create a text input for name? I know the command is *input_Text YourName but where do I put it? and do I have to create a variable for that first and if so where to put that? In the stats page?

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First off, welcome! Secondly, you are right that you must *create “name” before you can have it defined by the user later. Just like with any variable.

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Where do I create it though?
I use Chronicler to make this whole game so it’s somewhat messier than Cside but also easier in some aspects. Do I put it in the Start up? Or in the Choice script stats page?

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I would put any variable you create in Startup. I use CSIDE but I imagine that part would be the same on both platforms.

You’ll probably have a long list of 100+ variables on there before the end. That’s normal.


*text_input command works exactly the same as *set variable. Just put it anywhere you wanted the textbox to show up.


So I don’t have to use *create?

You still need it.

*create functions as variable-declaring command. Think of it as a god’s way of saying, “You’re exist, therefore you’re!”

*text_input asks the player (surprise surprise!) their input and collects it into a variable declared previously.


Ffff god dammit, using chronicler is easier in the way you can organize and get to code easily but confusing as hell to use

Is there a *text_input? I thought it was *input_text.


It’s *input_text, apparently…


Does anyone know what the code line is for when you want to make a choice disappear after it’s been chosen once? Like for example, I have a breakfast scene and I’ve got ham set to break1 like this *set Break1 “Ham” what code is required so you cannot pick the same thing for Break2?

How did I never think to look for this before??? (Thank you for the (very old) post @Carlos.R :slight_smile:

If you just want to make it unselectable, use *disable_resuse above the *choice. If you want to make it completely disappear from the list, I use variables or temp variables.

Which room do you check?
  *if (kitchen = "notvisited") #The kitchen. 
    *set kitchen "visited"

Edit: Actually I think you’re talking about a completely different scene, in which case the variable setting one (like the kitchen example) would probably be the way to go instead of disable_reuse. (If you want it to stay on the list but be greyed out in that way, you can use *selectable_if (instead of *if)


Well you can simply use *hide_reuse instead of *disable_reuse for previously selected choices.

Disable_reuse = grays the option
Hide_reuse = removes the option from the list


I use Chronicler so adding code and knowing where is a little difficult i dont use CSIDE like everyone else.

I don’t know much about how to add choicescript coding into chronicler sorry. (Haven’t used it.)

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Oh don’t worry about that i figure it out eventually, i just need help with the coding and then i paste it all over the place until it works. :wink:

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