Newbie, overwhelmed with indents

Hi, I have started using choicescript and am making a slow start!
I am finding that even early on there are a LOT of indents building up
Is there a way to break the code down into chapters because otherwise towards the end I am going to be pressing tab 1000000 times!


Hi! First off, what program are you using? I recommend something like CSIDE or Chronicler to help with indents and such. CSIDE does a solid 80+% of the indenting for you automatically. There’s also other threads where you may find answers to some of the questions that pop up in the early times, like the one from when I started out.

Ultimate Noob Coding

In any case, welcome and good luck with your story!

Another useful link
Master List: Links for Beginners

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Manage your indents. Use lots of *labels and *gotos rather than let your code keep stretching to the right. Build down, not across.

Additionally: Notepad++ can also auto-enter your indents on a new line (adding the same indent level as the line before). Manage it from there, or press ctrl+z to remove all indentation from your new line.