Ultimate Noob Coding


As all of the *if clauses are structured the same here, I’m guessing the true error is in some other section of code (maybe where the stat’s added?).
If you’re using CSIDE, there’s a step function that lets you watch your game run the code line by line, as well as an option to track all stat changes…

I note Insanity is capitalized while your other variables aren’t – you might want to double-check that you’re being consistent.

To find bugs like this earlier, you can set randomtest to ‘show line coverage statistics,’ which lists how many times each line was used during testing, and check for anything that was never used.


Can you be more specific; what kind of “transporcrash didn’t”?

Is it not appearing correctly, or it produces an error, or something?


The Insanity thing is actually consistent; I always capitalize it and the other actual stats from the stat screen. Just a personal presence. I will try looking at the lines in Randomtest to figure out where we went off the rails.

@Szaal it is not an error message, it just didn’t show when it should have. I wrecked the transport by flying with my feet (doing a high Insanity run, which is why I did get that if to show) but it skipped right over it.


Well, maybe for some reason you get 3 [transportcrash] instead of 2 or 1. Or maybe more. Or less.

Try to double-check it.

Tip: to help you track the possible error, try putting this code at the end of that scene.

The transportcrash is ${transportcrash}.


Y’all were right as usual; I had a point where both successful transport crashers and failed ones funneled into the same paragraph, and there was a +2 to the stat after that. So it wasn’t showing because successful crashers essentially get +3, not +1. I’ve changed it accordingly, and expect it should show up in later playtests without issue.


What’s the best way to track total wordcount per playthrough? Is it an option in Randomtest?


Here is a topic related to the question. :slightly_smiling_face:


Huzzah! It works!

Double huzzah! 22,847 words so far, and not done yet. Will certainly hit 25k per run, and potentially 30.


If I want multiple die rollers in a chapter, how do I work this? I have previously done *temp dieroll 0 and then *rand dieroll 1 2 but otherwise don’t know if I’ve actually used a dieroller anywhere else in the game, and definitely not more than once in a scene file (I pondered it for a previous chapter but instead made the encounters set to certain events instead of random)… Didn’t want dieroller results overwriting each other.


Nah, just put *temp dierolla *temp dierollb *temp dierollc at the top of your scene.

Need more dice at the mid of your writing? *temp dierollz at the top of scene.