TypeError: PreviousOption undefined What the hell this error means?


Well running Quicktest suddenly this error appeared from nowhere due its in an scene work perfect until know and i didnt change a comma. :-? I need to know what it means to fix it.

TypeError: stack[0] is undefined

Could you post/share the culprit code Mara? I have encountered that same error before and whilst I can’t remember the exact cause, it is (from memory) something that I’ve managed to fix by amending the code.


@CJW that’s my problem the quick text doesn’t specify the line code number where the problem is placed so I have no idea. I have the previous choice checked, but it could be like 100 code lines too much to put it here.


If you can PM a link to a download/.zip of your game Mara, I’d be happy to take a closer look - but I can’t do much more without seeing any code though, sorry about that.


I would send you the file link in a pm thanks