A strange error in quicktext.html what it means?


I was ending a scene until know run perfectly in quick text. Suddenly a weird error appear

TypeError: Property ‘onerror’ of object [object DOMWindow] is not a function

What the error means? how I could fix it?


Without seeing your code, I could only begin to guess.
Have you edited any of the JS files or are using plain CS?


That is not a typical choicescript-related error. I have gotten every quicktest error imaginable.


plain cs i dont know anything about js. i run the game and dont appear any error when i try manualy.also not appear any code line simply the TypeError.

Im coding in a phone could it be that the problem? but until now all quicktest.html work handy.


I discover what the error means I misplaced a vowel before # like this a#ahdjkdm
the strange is when I try game manually not error jump when i played that scene


Glad to hear you’ve fixed, thanks for sharing the solution - it may prove useful to others in the future :slight_smile: