Don't understand this error


TypeError: body is null


first *choice 59#2 (line 62) #Stay motionless, don’t want to let the man know you’re awake
first *choice 79#1 (line 80) #Ignore him, focus on getting that food into your starving belly
document is not defined

Also is it supposed to just skip the startup page on quicktest?


Quick solutions tests first:

  1. Try redownloading and copying your scenes over. (I’ve been seeing a few questions crop up that seem to indicate accidental deletion recently, what OS are you on?)

  2. No. Do you have a proper *scene_list in startup? Where does it seem to be starting?


Scenelist starts at startup, then strtup goto_scenes into the next scene

I’m on windows 10


Okay, for quicktest it probably just be that there’s nothing that quicktest reports on in your startup scene. If there’s no choices in your startup, then there shouldn’t be anything for it to mention and so it should just move on to the next scene.

As for “document is not defined” that sounds like a JS error, so my first recommendation still stands. Download a fresh copy of ChoiceScript (Direct Link), copy over you scenes, and try to run it again without touching anything else. If you get the same error, we can try and puzzle out why, but if it’s something missing (for whatever reason) a fresh copy is the only solution.


The problem is probably in the color mod I downloaded. I’ll disable it for the time being and try a fresh download