Turncoat Chronicle (political fantasy) - updated 24-APR-23

Sent the form too, hopefully some of us can be aid of aid, beta testing is always great!

I always love games that take tropes and then put a unique spin to it!


February Update Post

Happy February!

You probably noticed that, despite my announcement, the final version of Turncoat Chronicle is not yet publically available. I am experiencing some delays, mostly due to health concerns, which is why the private beta testing is taking a little longer than the 4 weeks that I initially set myself. However, I assure you that I’m making excellent progress on edits and the game is very close to being finished.

I look forward to sharing the finished game with all of you.


It’s funny that marrying the heir is an option because as soon as I read the plot I was like “I have a very easy solution to this problem.”


I really enjoyed playing this


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Welcome to version 0.11.1 of Turncoat Chronicle!

That’s right! This is the last beta version before submitting for publication! It includes four complete chapters, including ending achievements. This version of the game has been privately tested by my dedicated beta-testers, but the time has come for it to see a wider audience. I’m extremely proud of this game, so I hope you enjoy playing it at least as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And, in a fun twist of fate, I was able to release this version on the Ides of March. Happy stabbing!

Play the beta!


I am so happy to see your update @Hazel !

Congrats :revolving_hearts:


super ecstatic to read this. Congrats again hazel!


Congrats on finally getting it done! Can’t wait to see it published :heart::heart:


Yes! I’ve been waiting for this!


Congratulations on a well written beta. I very much enjoyed my first playthrough. I did have a bit of an issue at the end though. I played a prince who manipulated but then fell for a female heir. She had agreed to be a consort when we discussed our plans, and even allowed me to spare the king after the battle, but all the endings declared me the consort instead of her. The option for my coronation was grayed out and both the mutual coronation and wedding had the heir taking the lead role.


This was so good! I’m very excited to purchase it when it is officially released as well, but it stressed me the heck out. Every choice was like “I can’t screw this up!” in a very good way.

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I love this cant wait for the official release!

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I had to look into this, because I couldn’t remember offhand whether the condition for co-rulership was based on trust or on personality. Turns out I made it a little more complicated than that, and looking at it now, I think some of the conditions are too strict. Especially the ones that lean on stats that are invisible to the reader.

You’re right. If the text of the game reassures you that the Kidia heir trusts the MC, that should indicate that everything is going to go as planned. Keeping the usurper alive, however, will actually make it a little harder to co-rule. The logic being that the MC has a certain amount of “trust capital” to spend with Kidia, and having already made an extraordinary request of them, they wouldn’t be as generous, the next time. It shouldn’t lock you out entirely, though, so I’ll look into tweaking that condition.


I actually got that in my first play through. Wasn’t aware that it was hard just played my main MC. I enjoyed this. I did not kill our dear father so it is possible.
Was not expecting any updates so.
Congratulations and it was wonderful.

Should I post screenshot when I find an error? There where some pronouns that where wrong at the coronation of I remember correctly, male heir had female pronounce mixed into their description.

Oh hey, it got updated again! Glad to see you back!!!


:confused: I made a cunning plan even disposed of crow… But I failed… Don’t like that it’s a good story but somehow I didn’t get how the scheme failed :thinking: the stats should get you something to see how you are doing because my spy master said the pretender trusted me


My mc and Alme are now rulers union of the two kingdoms, mc’s father is alive but imprisoned, Crow is alive, good ending in all. Well written author~ cheers!


How did you do it? I always am a little unsure of whether or not my Kidia heir co-ruling plan is going well…!

The trust meter is a major part of Kidia’s ambush, but there are other variables that go into it, as well. I might do a more detailed post about them, later on.

For the moment, you should know that if your MC survived the ambush, then it wasn’t a complete failure. There’s very much an option to die if you mess up badly enough. This is only likely to happen if you face them alone.

It makes sense, though, that Sheyer should alert you that facing Kidia alone is more dangerous. I’ll make a note to work that into the first chapter.