Trinity WIP (there's something on post 467)

I know it’s pretty obvious by now, but it’s because I’m a weeb…

I’ll see what I can do about that.

Oof, I was hoping no one will notice that. I’m actually still thinking for a good reason for why we lost contact with them. Hehe.

Yeah I’ m actually having a hard time doing their romance scene and their actual story arc… At least I’m done with Zastin/Zena…

I’m actually planning on letting the players choose of they want Thanatos to remain like that or not (despite me wanting her to remain like that, because that’s her original design…) But that will happen during the “confession” scene which is still a long wayyyy.

Actually thought of a title for a long while now, but I’m still not ready to tell it to everyone because I feel stupid for this new title… But I have my reasons for the new title, just gimme some time to prepare myself to show you guys the cringy and somewhat stupid title. (I’ll probably do it later cause I have nothing to do.)

Tnx, also do you guys remember when I said some shits about to happen on chapter 4? Yah, I kinda needed to move that to chapter 5… Runs away


Bloody hell, I’m going to catch you! Stay right here I still need to know the new name. I have faith in you. It’s probably a great name and you are just too humble.


I am so going to regret this…

Okay it’s time for me to address this matter that I have been putting off for a long while now. Tnx for your help by the way @ollierocket23 @BrachydiosX @MaryQueen and the others who I have probably forgotten about because the post was so ancient.

Now then to address the topic. The Title.

I would like to let everyone know that I used all my remaining brain cells to come up with this title. You guys ready? Drum roll pls…

The title is “Eishfield Trinity” please kill me…

Okay before you guys judge my stupidity or marvel at my genius

Hear me out

I have my reason for this title. Ya see guys, the story will not only focus on the trinity and the naval side of the war. This is the story of Eishfield, it’s citizens, ruler, and the people that is fighting to protect her. Basically I want to make a story that focus mainly on Eishfield, weather the events happen outside or inside Eishfield I want the events to greatly affect this kingdom. It’s like even the smallest move the smallest gear make will cause a domino effect and cause all the other to move, making the whole mechanism move in return at least that’s may goal. And it wouldn’t make any sense if the title is only about the Trinity right? What do you think guys?

Also @MaryQueen tnx for the map suggestion I’ll be working on it once I’ve visualise the whole world… I think.


Yo i think is a good title

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Why should this title be stupid or cringe? I like it.

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Glad you like it. :grin:

It’s because I think for a new title for like three months and all I did was slap “Eishfield” on it, I’m also cringing because I always cringe everytime I hear and read the names I made up…

Isn’t it better to call it Eishfield Legacy since you said the story will centered at the whole Eishfield? Still the name you chosed it’s not cringe just very exhaustive

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Why not just Eishfield? Or a title and subtitle thing like that Grancrest anime.



Ayy I’m back from the dead. Imma seriously have to reread this again so I can rate it. But yeah. The title is a name that I prefer, so yeah go for it!

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Great choice of a title. I really like it and I think it goes well with your story, especially after learning about your goals for your project.

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I dunno, it just feels like when I’m using the word “legacy” it feels like I’m talking about from the very beginning then to generations to generations until I reach the very end. Since I’m only talking about a single event in the history of Eishfield it didn’t feel right for me to use legacy…

That’s… Actually a good idea. I’m gonna think about it for a while…

Tnx, can’t wait to hear what you think.

Tnx, glad you like it.

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As gift for give us ship ro I give you cat and red bear of love


This wip is so funny lol especially those dialogues :joy:

While I never cared for military stuff and naval battles, this is different and very…interesting and amusing .

So question :

who are the romances .

and can you like take ‘commanding’ skill at the beginning and then later pick something else, like knowledge and again gunnery without screwing yourself up ? Or you must focus on one skill to win to the end ?


The RO’s are in the relarionship tab, and you have to focuse on 2 stats.
In the 1st battle you gotta have one with 40 and the other at 35, in the second battle they both need to be at 40.


Glad you like it. I’m actually amazed someone found this funny and amusing cause my friends told me that my sense of humour is bad except when it’s a dirty joke. That or we’re just a bunch of pervs…

Also @Bahamuht pretty much answered your question, Tnx bru.

@Takashi_Shin is that your MC’s cat? Lol.


well the reckless path is hilarious to play . Some of the stuff you get to say ‘‘humm coffeee…’’ is just priceless !

While I love playing the seriouse character and all, the reckless thrill seeker path is just…liberating and you nailed it . I love it and I sure like hell gonna be looking for more :grin:


who is ???

Myra: 8

Luka: 6

Gaston: 3

Mikaela: 3

Wilson: 3

Pamela: 3

Zena: 3

Horace: 4

???: 3

Also any chance for a Katherine romance? :kissing: even if her role is a bit small…I really like her and would love to see her role in the story expand . Though, for that ‘Queen’…I may just hit that Eject Button for lolz…:crazy_face:


yes in real and mc cat her name is sundance


The ??? Is actually Horace, there was a code that I forgot to put when you met him but it should be okay on the next update.

Katherine?.. That’s unexpected. But to answer your question it’s a no. It wouldn’t feel right for me, cause of a certain reason.

I wonder who’ll be having the last laugh though… But let me tell you that’s hell you’re walking into.

EDIT: The ??? Is the trinity.


Aw why not ? lol don’t tell me cose she is old…

I romanced an asari of 700 years old in Mass effect…no regret! :sweat_smile:

all for the glory of FUN! even if she zap my ass and combust me…I regreeeeeeeeeeet noooooooooooooooooooooooooothing…:rofl:


It’s not because she’s old. Like I said from an old post some of the characters here already existed in the form of comics I’ve drawn back in high school before this story was made. Katherine is one of them.

The reason it doesn’t feel right for me is because, Katherine is actually married to a character that I didn’t include in this story.