Travel to Demensions! (A work in progress!)

I’ve begun my work on 1.7/2023…Is my first game so- Spare me :slight_smile:

Currently, it’s about you…Travel around the Dimension of…ANIME! Yes- I’m an Anime-Fan:slight_smile, so Anime is My hero Academia!, I’m planning to update 1 day a week…or 2-3 days- idk

To play the demo, go here:

Romance? Yes, there will be!
Gender of Romance: Male and Female

)Rionardo Hamato
-Gender: Male

-Gender: Female

)Ray Hun
-Gender: Male

)Jay Peter
-Gender: Male

)Jason Peter
-Gender: Male

)Mystery Hitoshi
-Gender: Male

That’s all for now…I guess??


Is it just me or is the link not working?
Also can you give a little info about the game?


I have a problem, I can’t open the link

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The link is sadly not working


came up with the same problem as the rest when i pressed the link, think your link needs replacing with a new one aka updating since the old link is broken.

Aw man that look cool but why the link dont work?

I am so sorry about the Link not working :sob: ! Sadly, the File has gone and I have to restart it! so please stay tuned! Thank you for your coorparation


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