Times where you sided with the character whose supposed to be wrong.

I’m not sure if this fits in games or not, but I know a lot of occasions where there’s been a strawman type character in a game or movie that I’m meant to think is wrong or bad, but it honestly just doesn’t seem that way. The most glaring case recently is Kotaro from the Caligua Effect, the games butt monkey, but…


I’m sorry. Is he supposed to be wrong here? Yes. The game insists he is. He tells Morita that she’s mean on the internet because she thinks she can get away with it and would never have the spine to say those things to someone’s face which is just gutless and petty. Now…the game informs me he’s in the wrong here…but for the life of me, I honestly can’t think of why.

The entire game is about people using the online world as an escape to avoid problems and they seem to just want to paint him as the idiot whose wrong about everything but…he’s wrong about people being mean spirited when they think they’re won’t be consequences and it isn’t actually okay to be mean just because you think it won’t come back to bite you?

I really, really, have trouble seeing in what way he’s the bad guy. Maybe I’m alone in thinking in it, though an educated guess tells me that other people out there have seen movies and games where they thought a character had a real point that is dismissed as wrong.

Anyone else?

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