Throne of Blood (chapter 5: Cy is up!) [230k+ words]

Oh thanks for this! I’ve just updated the first chapter a few hours ago and I must’ve bumped a code. Fixed!


Oops I coded it wrong! Thanks for pointing it out. Should be fixed now!

Will there be more customization options, like eye and hair color? And what is the most common eye color in demons, yellow?

I’ve been wanting to add that, but there has been no natural spot for it. It’s something I’m planning on though! As for eye colour, it ranges from red, yellow and orange I suppose?


Purple obviously : D

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This WIP is awesome! It feels like I got transmigrated into a Chinese manhua :laughing: with the three realms. The RO’s so far are great! I do keep getting this message pop up when I try to pick any option other then Justice


Love it! This story took me all night to fully read and digest, and I love our interaction with the palace servants and our dear knights already. They are just :face_with_peeking_eye: (I am not peeking).

Regarding the premise, that was a great spin on being the underdog in the demon realm with celestial blood raging in the veins, along with a little parasite stuck in our head and intestines? Could that be what Zero already smelled in us?

A few questions, and you don’t have to answer them, just curious as I read.

As for the two brothers, which is stronger in power? Might they become potential allies down the road?
Does the MC have any memory of their mother?
How did the MC get contracted with his knights?

Thanks for the fun. :blush: I am excited to see more.

Saving Issue?

(Also: not sure if anyone else has seen this problem, but I already got save data so it might be a Save Pluggin issue. Might need to give your save a new name in the “index” section of the codes, if I remember correctly.)

Save files might have gotten mixed up with another name’s.


Hi! I’m glad you’re enjoying the story :heart:! The Knights are so much fun to design and create, so to see people loving them feels great!

  1. If pitted in a one on one fight I’d say Rygel will win just because he has a clear mind and would know Agrithar’s illusion tricks. And for the ally thing, I won’t say anything for now
  2. Nope MC has never met their mother before!
  3. Ohohoho. This is something we will gradually get into! Chapter 2 will nudge Dai’s back story so please look forward to it!

And for the save, I’ll try to look into that! Thanks!


OMG OMG OMG I LOVE THIS I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH DAI :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:

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chp1 line 718: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

I’ll have to look into this later! Not sure why it’s happening. Apparently “justice” is the only one that works.

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Power also worked for me, I clicked Love and this happened
Edit : All of the options work excluding love

Ahh i see! Thanks for that. Guess no love for the MC for now :joy:



you could put it in the shower scene? with something like shampooing your insert hair attributes, or with eye colour you can do it when dai is checking up on you because when you’re trying to ground someone you ask them questions he could ask questions like what colour are your eyes etc. just some suggestions if you wanted them!


I’m dying… This is uniquely good, what the hell? Good work!! :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes: Let me kiss you Dai!!

All in all, making a hybrid race trope in a fantasy setting is hard to materialize because of the lore you have to put in but whoopee doo, god dang you did amazing!!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Godspeed, author!


Loved this! Great writing that pulls you right in! Also love the hunks :hot_face: Wasn’t sure who to choose and then read a reverse harem may be an option :heart_eyes:

Do you have a tumblr for the game?


Absolutely! You’re the emperor/Empress, so you can get your own harem :smirk: there are many women oriented harem so let’s change the formula and have the men, hmmmmm?
No tumblr yet! But maybe once I have more to play :pray:


Would it be possible for Zero to be gender selectable so we could have all women as well?

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Not at this point, but without spoilering much you will get another knight who is female genderlocked!
From his conception, Zero is just strictly a dude in my head. There is another character I’m keen on bringing in the mix who was still gender flex and - mmm I’m rambling too much now :joy:


As long as i get to have my Empress and her group of all women, Zero can stay in the corner on the outside of the room by himself.