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Unless I romance M, I always get 1 flirt and 3 friend for them.

I find that when given the choice, I always decide to spend time with our RO instead of building up my relationship with the rest of the team. Hopefully I’ll learn to balance it out soon or we’ll have more default scenes with specific characters so I can build friendships and not miss a single chance to flirt with our ROs!

I don’t want to end the game with 100 flirt with my RO and like 8 friend with the rest of the team lmao. Don’t wanna miss the little nuances in interactions when you have higher relationships with them too like M holding the branch so it doesn’t hit you in the face as opposed to them letting it swing and almost hit you.


I forgot to save stats for my Adam playthrough but the good news is, I finished Mason’s and I have my stats save so yay!

I would probably do a second playthroughs for each ROs with a balance relationshio stats.

Here’s my M route relationship stats:
Adam: Flirt 0 Friend 2
Nate: Flirt 0 Friend 11 (I really now how to befriend them)
Felix : Flirt 0 Friend 6
Mason: Flirt 8 Friend 9


So, I open a topic for fanart of Wayhaven, it would be nice to have all the amazing collaborations of this community in one single place, so they don’t get lost between the thousands of messages :smiley:


Stats for my Morgan playthrough:

Ava: Flirt 0 Friend 5
Nat: Flirt 0 Friend 10
Farah: Flirt 0 Friend 6
Morgan: Flirt 8 Friend 7

I, too find it hard to balance the “one on one” scenes with the agents.
However I did always choose Morgan in this run(except the first choice, just after meeting Unit Bravo in your office) and am pretty happy with the distribution.
So I think the game is coded in a way, that lets you pursue the romance of choice, while still giving you oportunities to bond with the rest. Still I would like to be forced to spent time with the other agents in future books^^


I had a busy couple of days and while I did buy the game on release, I was only now able to play it. I loved the demo so I was really ecited and I absolutely loved the final product. I’ve always liked vampires but Twilight kind of ruined it for me, luckily these vampires are the badass smooth seducer types, just how I like them.

My favorite character/ love interest is Nat by far. I loved everything about her personality and her difficulties with being a vampire/blood make for some awesome future drama (telling MC their blood smells intoxicating is like the most vampiric thing to say). Bonus points for mommy dearest not liking it when Nat gets close to her precious child.

From my understanding, Nat is trying really hard to supress anything about her vampire side. I’ve read several stories where those actions don’t end well, the ’ vampire side’ might just pop up when you least want it to. With MC being around all the time, it makes it even more difficult toto ignore their blood. I’m predicting a very dramatic transformation where Nat no longer has any control over her vampiric urges (and hurts MC in the process). Like a ’ this beast inside me’ sort of thing. Ah, the drama. I love it!

Farah and Ava get a shared second place. I liked some of their personality quirks while I disliked others but in the end I still think they’re both awesome. However, Nat’s still the best. I didn’t really like fighting with Ava all the time, I just got tired of her after a while. She means well but her behaviour irritates me more than I’d like. As for farah, the constant flirting was a bit much for me. I prefer a sweet romance as opposed to the ‘hot and steamy’ ones.

As for their backstory. I’m not sure what happened to Ava in the past, I didn’t get enough information to form a solid theory. With Farah, I think I might have something. She’s the weakest vampire of the group despite being the only natural one. She also tells MC that she’s good at running away. Combined with her fear/dsilike of demons I think that she might have lost some people dear to her who were killed by demons. She than ran away and got into our world. Now the question that interests me most, would be whether she ran away from the fight or people sacrificed themselves for her and told her to run (coward vs only survivor so to speak). It gives her some extra depth and I really want to know what’ll happen in the future

Fourth place would be the Ava/Nat love triangle. I usually don’t like these sort of things because I believe it is only possible to love one person fully, when there are two or more I believe it’s better to pick one instead of keeping their hopes up (or sharing, but I’m not comfortable with that at all).
However, this route was very well written and didn’t feel as uncomfortable as I thought it would. I just felt sad for the one that’s left behind. Especially consedering nat and Ava have been best friends for a long time, must hurt a lot to see your bestie pining after the same person as you do.

Lastly is Morgan, I didn’t like her at all. I tried her route in the demo and I just got so angry at her actions/reactions that I was completely done with her. I haven’t finished her route in the completed version yet. Might use it for my ‘I hate everyone’ route (bad relationship with everyone, just to see what happens in future instalments).

While not a love intrest (that would be awkward), I really liked Rebecca’s potrayal in the game. She felt like an actual parent, supportive, loving and really sad when you reject her. It’s nice to see a parent in a game for once, rather than those ’ sad orphan’ background stories for most games. I did my best to keep MC alive so Rebecca din’t have to worry.

Also, I totally don’t trust that Elidor guy. I bet he’s keeping some of MC’s blood to sell on the black market or something. It’s so odd that he takes MCs special blood so casually ’ for emergencies’. Uh-huh, not fooling me mister fairy.

Keep up the good work, I loved your first book and I’m pretty sure I’ll love the possible future instalments as well.


appears in a cloud of smoke
Psst, guys, anybody know how toget A’s friendship or flirt higher than 2? :confused:


To get any of their friendship or flirt up, chose A to interact with. The Romance is more clear(usually the flirty reposes, or shy romance options). For the friendship you have to be nice to them. Usually accepting of them being vampires at the compound. I think they don’t like the snarky comments but I haven’t tried a lot of them myself


Flirt is incredibly easy to accumulate, so long as you pick the obviously flirty dialogue options and spend enough time with them. Friendship is trickier, but you get points for taking A with you to see Kate, saying you are going to work well together, choosing to patrol for a few hours, then head home, choosing A to spend the rest of the patrol with and say that they like you already, choosing to call A about going to the hospital, reminding them that your job is to protect others, agree to do the tests, joke about repelling Murphy with cross and holy water when discussing vampire peculiarities (I believe everyone likes this one)… can’t remember any more examples, but there are more opportunities. Just don’t call them a monster.


Do you know if you get points for having similar taste in clothes or an apartment that they like? I’ve noticed M likes the dark decor, A likes the plainer minimalist one, pretty much no one likes the techy apartment… Never checked if there was any stat gain from those.


There’s no associated stat increase for those responses, it’s just a fun bit of continuity/detail


Speaking of that ‘monster’ choice, being seen as a monster/killer etc. seem to be quite sensitive topic to A - they are the one to retort that they are nothing like Murphy when they discuss about him, and then there’s this hostile ‘we are like monsters to you, right?’ accusation. I think it’s interesting, because compared to N, for example, A is generally speaking quite chill about the whole blood drinking thing, but still N is overall way less sensitive about aspects of their vampire nature, if that makes sense. (Then there’s M, making comments about them being predators all the time, duh). If you choose genuine ‘well, that’s reassuring’ option when A says they are nothing like Murphy, it seems to confuse A a bit, like it’s really unexpected reaction to them - while N smiles(I think?) at A’s reaction. I love their friendship so much, btw. :cry:


So, I just finished the game for the third time now, and I really like it! I think that the plot is fun and interesting, the story is short enough that it’s not too much of a hassle to replay to get the other romances, and I like most of the characters in the story and how they’re developed.

The only romance I haven’t done yet is F’s, and honestly I don’t know if I’m going to bother doing their romance later on, just because I’m not super into their personality. Based on the romances I have done, though, I’d rank them as:

  1. A - honestly, I always tend to go for the super work-focused person in romance games haha, but I think they’re really great outside of that. I like how it feels like they start warming up to you in a natural way, as opposed to suddenly shifting from annoyance to falling head-over-heels.
  2. N - I really liked their scene in the hospital together, and overall this relationship just feels the most… nice? for lack of a better way to put it haha, it’s cute and quaint.
  3. M - okay, negl, the steamy scenes with them are great and got me a little hot under the collar, buuuut I don’t like their personality very much, just a preference thing where I’ve never been super into dating the sarcastic assholes in romance games haha. I could see myself turning around on them when I start learning more about them in later books, though. (And I’m interested in why his pheromones made the MC pass out)

overall, I really liked getting to do all three of the romances though! The main criticism I have that I’d like to be improved on in later books is that it does honestly kind of feel like nothing really chances (aside from who you romance) on repeat playthroughs? Like there were a few scenes that changed on repeat playthroughs I really liked (particularly going to the bar vs. staying at the office, or small touches like how you designed your apartment), and I’d like to see a few more of those in other games, because it felt like I just ended up having to mash the “next” button for 80% of my repeat playthroughs to get through all of the stuff I’d already seen haha.

can’t wait for the sequel though-- like I said, I did absolutely adore this game! excited to see what you do next. :slight_smile:


I’ve read through quite a few COG novels- but this one so far honestly has pushed its way in as a favorite for me!

I’m a sucker for vampires (no pun intended, I’m honestly so sorry), and romance… I just couldn’t get away from this piece. I was pleasantly surprised at the length, I was scared that we were going to get a really painful cliffhanger, but we just kept getting more content. I’m praying Book Two isn’t too far down the line, I need more!

Not going to lie, at first I was pretty set on going through the story with Nate first, but Mason snagged me. He’s an ass to us right up until the end almost, but I don’t know, I personally can see some sweet charm under all that sass.

Anyone else curious about his crystal necklace? What it does, if anything, and where it came from?



Well if we’re ranking the vamps here’s mine.

  1. Nate. He’s a dog person, everyone else can get out.
  2. Adam. I’m not usually into the gruff, prickly type but for some reason it works for me in this case. I still really want to launch a rubber band at the back of his head every time he stands at the window and ignores us. What a grump.
  3. Farah. I haven’t finished her plot line yet but I like her friend route, I’m sure I’ll like her romance.
  4. Morgan. I’m interested in some of her mystery, like what’s with the necklace and her resentment of the agency. But otherwise her romance plot did nothing for me. :sleeping:


There’s a lot of great fanart on Sera’s tumblr under fanart tag. :smiley: I personally really love this photoset of m!UB, and these potrayals of Farah and Morgan are just gorgeous! This fanart is probably my favorite though, it captures the game’s atmosphere so well!


So after finally getting off my ass and doing like 30 replays of the book doing different stuff and like 20 of those being with just Nat. I decided to finally go and do the Love Triangle route.

I must say. After the point in which it starts, it actually kind of hurts. I don’t dislike Ava in any way, but I always see my characters gravitating towards Nat.

First moment that actually made me feel bad and hurt a little inside was here.
(Obviously spoilers)

Spoilers Ahead

Now I had Lovely ol Cryska here look at Nat, and the reaction out of Ava hurt.

Second thing that some what hurt me in this whole thing was here.

Again, Spoilers Ahead

And the Final and Last thing that I found to be a bit painful was here

Ending Spoiler!

There was a few small things I didn’t put in because it was like 2am and I was also trying to spend time with someone around with me who was present. :joy:

That being said I am very interested in seeing how this all plays out, and I can already tell it’s going to be a lot of pain on my part for my character I did on this route.


So I’m going to do some specuations about something I don’t really know if we’ve talked a whole lot about on here: The Echo World.

If I recall correctly Mom says its “pretty much the same, with small differences” so I’m wondering… How similar is it to our world, exactly? Is there an Echo Wayhaven? Could there be Echo versions of people? WAS THERE A HUMAN F IN OUR WORLD?? Edit: Could there be an Echo MC? They could make for an interesting antagonist… I wonder what kind of Supernatural they would be…

Also how does Supernaturals leave the Echo World to get to our world? Can humans go to the Echo World? Will we get to go to the Echo World in one of the books? I’m hoping so, could get some interesting drama with F.


I don’t remember if it was directly stated or not but I got the impression that once stuff came through the Echo World into ours, they couldn’t go back? Otherwise the supernaturals that we have caged in the Agency would’ve been sent back there for punishment instead of us having to rig something up. So I’m guessing it’s more a concept that’ll be explored and discussed rather than a location that can be explored, but I might be wrong.


The real question is are humans the supernaturals in the Echo World? Can humans even pass through to it? I’m sure the Agency has tried…


That was the impression I got too… but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s absolutely no way for anything born of our world to go there…

Edit: Oh! And speaking of those supernaturals they have locked up. How many books before they all break out? I’m thinking that’s an end of Book 6 kind of thing.