The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


Wow. You…are being pessimistic, huh? To be honest, that’s a terrifying thought O.O


Its just a little… odd that Mom goes out of her way to show us this, and lets us know that without that weird smoke they could very easily escape, and that its filled with extremely dangerous beings. It has to come back to bite us at some point! Its a Chekhov’s Gun… a Chekhov’s Prison if you will.

I mean… Why not just kill them?


Inb4 It’s those damn Werewolves I speculated about yesterday for being in the 4th book. They’re going to break in and bust 'em all out and then we have to kick their ass and start trying to recapture or kill the escapees! in 5, 6 and 7

I can see it now! CHAOS!

EDIT : Honestly this would be one wicked series of extreme distractions. The Agency would end up being too busy and distracted to help us more than likely. Freaking brilliant!


She explains that some of them can’t be so easily killed or something. I think it has to do with their abilities somehow.


@Seraphinite soooooo, i remember you told me after book one was release…you would show us how Unit bravo looks through your googles😬 is that still on the table cause i wanna see the boy bravo and girl bravo how you vision them as u wrote😁


Ah, I don’t think I got that dialogue. That makes sense! Still, in terms of writing a story there has a to be a reason Sera made it that way…


What bothers me is how close that facility is to Wayhaven. If they ever break out, even just half of those supernaturals, the whole town would be gone in the blink of an eye.


You know, I kind of thought it would be a twist if the MC ends up in one of those things. Can’t you just see that happening? Maybe the Agency goes rogue or the MC gets framed for something and they get put in there for “safe keeping.” It just creeps me out thinking about that.

I mean, something is going on at the Agency. :thinking: DMB is getting out, and it makes me wonder what else is going on that nobody there has caught onto just yet. Though if I had to choose between more likely options, I think a jailbreak of the prisoners would be most likely over the MC being incarcerated in one of those.


She said she might after a few so that people will have already established their versions in their head.

But nice try! :smile:


Not necessarily–I mean, caging is a helluva thing. I’m sure some of the supernaturals would start a rampage, but I bet more would be focused on just getting away, running as far as they can. Seems to me like if there’s a prison break situation it’ll be a long term clean-up–which might make for a fun book. “Monster of the chapter” style storytelling, with a bunch of “and now we’re visiting Los Angeles to catch the spike monster,” “now we’re going to Paris cause we know the swamp monster loves wine,” etc. Might run the risk of making people feel like Wayhaven is supposed to be in a specific place, though, which she said she was trying to avoid–but we could also be exploring made-up locations.

Or we could stay in Wayhaven and it’ll be a dramatic “who let the monsters out” Clue style mystery?


If not the MC then maybe one of the vamps? … Perhaps the RO or maybe N? I could see N’s possible Blood Lust getting them into trouble and since they’re a Cinnamon Bun it would be tragic.

@Anathema Yeah, that’s another reason why it seems a bit too convenient for it not to play into something big. Its also close the City so that could lead to some bad news too…


Totally! That would be good as well. I don’t want the MC to become a damsel in distress trope. That’s why I hope in the next book(s), we can get some kind of training—be that combat or knowledge so that we are “armed” in some way for this new aspect that we have to deal with.


Don’t forget, in most cases, Murphy is in there. I doubt he’d just leave you be if he escaped.


Yes! I want to be the Knight in Shining armor for my RO every now and then! They can keep score,
it would be funny!

@Dagger1819 Oh gosh yes. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Murphy…


I totally agreed with you. Something is going on at the Agency.

It seems like there is a gap in the Agency between the higher-ups, whoever those may be, and the agents. I mean it’s the perfect way to run a shadowy, kinda shady organization. Segregate your agents into small teams with a single leader who in turn probably has a superior to respond to and so on and so forth. What you end up with is a lot of people left in the dark about the real reason for what they are doing.

Idk, I just really don’t trust that Agency.

@Mewsly I could totally see that happening! One of the vampires - our LI probably - is trapped in one of those freaky smoke cages and the Detective gets to be the hero and save the day! I would love that. The big scary vampire gets rescued by the badass human :sunglasses:


Seems like being trapped in those things could do some major lasting damage to the mind. Hope that’s not going to wind up being the case if they do get caged. :frowning:


Oh right, they live through their worst memories right? And for a vampire with hundreds of years of life that can be terrifying… Actually no, I don’t want our vampires trapped there. The poor things :cry:


You put my Nat though that kind of torture I will go berserk. Whoever did it better enjoy being Alive for what time they have left. Cuz I’m gunna kill them. Brutally. Somehow. :smiley:


Even if it was only for a short period of time it could seriously damage their mental health. :confused: I’d cry, no lie.


Oh man, I wouldn’t wish the gas on anyone…but I would love it for dramatic reasons.

gimme. dat. angst.