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Oh… I haven’t done N’s route. =( I guess I got spoiled. =P And I didn’t know there were variety of endings. To be honest, I only done A and currently in the middle of M.


Even if that was said, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true. Just true for as far as they know. Also, since it’s an evolutionary thing, there ill be others who manifest it in time too. And they wouldn’t need the MC alive to clone the blood. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can’t donate every month. Your body needs more time to replenish. I think it’s every 6-8 weeks. And that would be pretty sinister for the Agency to weaponize the MC’s blood like that. My MC would be pretty upset about that.


I specifically left out their reaction, so it’s not that big of a spoiler :wink:


It’s the sweetest one IMO


Will be looking forward to try his route but so far I love both A and M so they were my priority. At first, I wasn’t planning to do N’s but they are quite sweet (and he has my highest friend point in both of my playthroughs), couple with small snippets about him from Sera, I changed my mind and decided to try him out. XD


So I’m not going to spoil you but in the N path when you choose to go to the hospital with N and M choose going inside with N oh boy are you in for a treat


Pretty much the whole game’s a treat, whatcha talking about? :grin:


You are correct :slight_smile: But with great power comes great corruption, MC’s blood is like the ONE Ring or nuclear arsenal :slight_smile:

anyone tried the love triangle between A and N ? , Seems like A knows N loves MC but N has no idea at all and devoted all his/her heart to MC, if N realise MC chooses A in the future books…i am starting to worry N might turn against MC and the agency … because for N, MC loving A will be like great betrayal , and such betrayal sure will add spice to the story … can’t ignore that possibility since there are six more books , and there must be a story arc when include a love triangle


Yes, I have to agree. Every route is uniquie in their own way and I am enjoying the variety. :grin:

@guardsman000071 I will probably not click that spoiler tag but thanks for taking time type out the post though.


I think N being themselves they would be happy for the Mc and A and hide their pain, likewise I think A will do the same


Definitely a well written book, and it’s very enrapturing, but it does have it’s issues.

It is hard for a book to be so focused on a particular genre and then to skirt around the genre so much. Homestly it reminds me of games that left much of the central content in the DLC or movies that leave a huge chunk of the plotline open and unfinished in order to build traction for the sequel.
Obviously, I understand that the intention is to write a series and build up everything over the course of years of real time, but there are limits to these things. The biggest issue is even though it is fun to read the origins and background/character building, most stand alone stories have more than just this. This feels like the first couple chapters of a book instead of an entire story. Almost like it’s just a draft of a prologue not an actual book people spent money on…
In short, having a romance novel with little to no romance is very unsatisfying. The delay somehow built up this weird, overzealous fandom, but logical people will assuredly notice this fatal flaw.
I’d for sure go crazy if I decided to wait for another 3 or 4 books for the characters/story I cared about to actually happen.
So good on you any fans that have that extreme amount of patience. I, for one, will be moving on to other, more satisfying things, and forgetting this trainwreck.



Ya can’t clone blood, my friend. It doesn’t have a nucleus, therefore it doesn’t have any genetic information so that it can replicate itself, which is how most cells work.

Blood, instead, is made up of three types of cells (red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets) as well as plasma, the liquid-y bit. They are all created within the bone marrow.

  • Red cells are what carry oxygen and the like to and fro throughout your body
  • Platelets are what cause your blood to clot
  • White blood cells are the vanguard of the immune system. They attack any foreign substances and remember any that have invaded so that they can more efficiently destroy them should they ever enter again (it’s the entire process behind vaccinations).
    • More than likely the Detective’s white blood cells are what make them special/immune to supernatural pheromones. Somehow, their white blood cells must recognize these foreign pheromones and attack them, rather than let them spread and influence the host. How any of this could boost a supernatural’s abilities is…at some level probably just magic and wizardry, lol.

So for right now, the Detective is the only source of their special blood…unless the agency has somehow managed to create artificial bone marrow/bone marrow than can survive outside the body. I’m not sure how that would work, but now that I type it, it sounds hecka cool and also probably something Murphy would have tried to do if the Detective hadn’t escaped his clutches. After all, a whole human is rather difficult to control, and it’s not like the Detective can live forever (or at least as long as Murphy), so a mindless and artificial bone marrow machine would be much easier to deal with. Just my speculation of course, but it certainly seems to fit his character and motivations.


Insulting people who think differently than you is a sure way to prove your point. :roll_eyes:

I’m sorry this is not for you, but you already left your negative feedback. I don’t see why you come back just to state it again unless you are trying to troll. If that is the case…


Best to ignore it but we better report it if it become persistent.


Now i kinda want power to completly negate supernaturals like full anti supernatural zone that drains their power a sinkhole of some sorts


Blood gets replicated all the time in sci-fi fantasy stuff. Don’t wreck my head canon. LOL :wink:

At any rate, it was just a possibility. Doesn’t mean there isn’t magical means to do that with and/or prolong it either.


How about if detective had new type of cells in their blood, some kind of Supernatural Caffeine™ cells that boost abilities. Powerupocytes.


But it was never said this is a Romance novel or dating sim right? At least i am not aware of it…and the game/novel description emphasis that this is sort of detective game with super natural elements ? The Romance plots of course is an essential essence to the story , but Wayhaven Chronicles seems to build on a larger plots of supernatural world , I am intrigue to learn whether Witches, Ghost, werewolves etc will feature in future books , where the MC and his team of Vampires help solve various cases involving super natural world

I think Book One did a wonderful job on character building regarding their background, personality as well as his/her interaction with potential Romance Interest , it kind of gives an identity to the protagonist and his/her potential friends and love interest … since there are six more books , choices we make in book one may play an important role in future story , for example there may be further ROs in future books and it can test whether the protagonist choose to betray his/her initial love interest , which i think will make interesting story in future… imagine that, what are consequences for cheating a vampire ? i think whether the protagonist choose to remain loyal to his/her love interest in future events will make it a grand story … surely we can expect more great things from future book right?


*lays down on a piano with a rose between my teeth* did someone say characterization

How to create characters and how that process varies for everyone is a subject I love talking about so please excuse me for the probably many many tangents i am going to go on while I try to answer your question.

Now, as far as detailed characterization goes I kinda cheated a little, as all my Wayhaven detectives (Keiji, Jay, Tanwen) are all adapted DnD characters, so these are characters I have been playing with for… over two years in Tanwen’s case. Some of them have changed a lot since their initial conception, some have stayed largely the same, and some (*side-eyes Jay*) I’m still figuring out.

Now, as for your actual question. How did I create these characters and settle on what kind of person they are. The process varies a little for each character, but in general I start with one central concept or character trait and spiral out from there. For Tanwen, this was her class: a life domain cleric aka the best healer you could ever need. Jay also started from his a specific cleric domain (as I had retired Tanwen from the campaign I was playing her in, and Jay was the one who came in to replace her), and Keiji started with the fact that I wanted to play a monk.

I'm just going to put some specifics about how I developed these characters from their starting point under a cut cause I can envision it getting long and it's not immediately useful for your question, which is somewhat more specific to Wayhaven
First: Tanwen

As I said above, Tanwen was created because I joined an in-progress game and they told me “we kinda need a healer”, so of course I went and made the most healer-focused healer I could. I noted down her class, I found her a fitting deity (Eldath, a goddess of peace), and then I picked one of the available backgrounds AKA the Hermit background cause it fit with some skills I wanted.

Then, I started thinking about how this all connected. I knew I wanted healing and a desire to help people to be at the core of her character, so I started there. Someone who wants to help people, who hates to see people in pain, is probably highly empathic. Check. Kind, empathic, and she wants to help everyone she can, so very accepting and somewhat naive.

Naive. Is she unable to tell when people are lying to her? But no, because of the way DnD stats work she’d be quite good at telling when people are lying to her (high wisdom = high insight). So perhaps she just doesn’t think that people could be lying? Perhaps she herself lies barely ever if at all, so she just doesn’t think to look for it in others. Rather optimistic (and real dangerous considering the world she lives in) but it speaks of her worldview. She believes the best in others and the world, and she believes that if she is kind then others will be too.

This gives us some good broad strokes as far as personality goes. Somewhere in this process I’d usually sit down and work out a backstory that would explain how she came to be, but that’s not what we’re here for right now. You asked about small details, so let’s look at how I went from these broad strokes to small details (especially as far as Wayhaven goes)

For her appearance: i wanted her to look, well, average! She’s just a girl who got caught up in all this and now she’s here and she has to deal with that. Brown eyes, straight, shoulder-length light brown hair, no notable scars or marks other than freckles cause she’s adorable and she deserves them. Slightly taller than average but not much, kinda gangly but surprisingly strong.

Let’s get more specific than that. How does she dress? The way I’m picturing this ray of sunshine she isn’t particularly fashionable, but she has a kind of… bouncy energy to her. Always bright, always cheerful. So let’s say she likes dresses, especially summer dresses with wider skirts so they can sway with her movement and it’ll emphasise her energy. Which, hey, we can also make into a character trait! She likes wearing dresses because she likes how they feel (when she’s dancing along to music at her apartment she’ll twirl until she gets dizzy cause of how her skirts flare)

Another of these choices in Wayhaven is the choice of apartment. Tanwen has the bright, colourful apartment cause I want her to have as much colour in her apartment as I can manage. The description mentions flowers, so let’s run with that. Tanwen likes flowers, and she always has fresh flowers in her apartment (usually many flowers). You could take this further and say that maybe she likes gardening, and she has a little balcony where she grows flowers, or hanging flowerpots on her windows. I didn’t take this direction as I at some point in an rp threw out that she doesn’t know how to garden (…i had to improv and i panicked), but if i didn’t have that prior history i probably would have.

and this is all i really kept in mind during my playthrough with her. Kind, empathic, naive (trusts people easily), always puts others before herself and will do everything she can to help them, bright and cheerful. and also an utterly useless lesbian who is physically incapable of flirting with anyone and will probably spontaneously combust because of Nat’s smooth moves in future books

On an entirely different note: Keiji

As mentioned, Keiji also started as a DnD class, the monk. One subclass was particularly interesting to me, the Way of Shadow (c’mon guys he’s basically a ninja i couldn’t not), so I knew he had to be stealthy/sneaky. I wasn’t interested in playing the ‘wise, meditative monk’ stereotype so I got to thinking about what other directions I could take it.

The one I settled on is: he used to be part of a monastery where he was raised and trained, but he left. Which raises the question: why did he leave? He could have left by choice, but I thought it would be more fun (~drama~) if he was forced to leave. So he did something that led to him being cast out of his order, and now he’s on his own. Alright, so how does he feel about that? My first instinct was anger, which lead to me envisioning this really bitter guy.

I couldn’t really vibe with that character though, so in the end I drew inspiration from one of my coping mechanism for these kinds of emotions and now he was still angry, still betrayed, but he shoved it all deep deep down and away and hid it under a concrete wall of sarcasm and humour.

To get him as far away from the ascetic monk image as I could get, I decided that after his banishment he started to indulge in some good old hedonism in… basically every form he could get his hands on. Some of this ended up getting tempered a little because I didn’t feel I could accurately roleplay a drunk/high character, but fortunately we don’t have those concerns as much in IF.

So, let’s review. We’ve currently got a laid-back hedonist, who lives as a wanderer (how does he make his money? he was taught fight skills, so let’s say he’s a mercenary), and tends to speak mostly in sarcasm. Deep down though, he’s still hurting pretty bad over being abandoned by his family and forced to leave his home. He’s aimless and he’s lost, and he tries to drown out those feelings best he can. He’s a fighter by trade, so let’s say that’s one of his escapes. He gets into fights constantly, cause… why? It could be a sadism thing, venting his emotions by hurting others, or it could be a self-punishment thing, venting his emotions by letting himself get hurt.

I felt the sadism thing would push him too far towards the risk of evil, so I went with the latter. He antagonises people and gets into fights because he wants to get hurt.

Which leaves us with the current day version of Keiji, mister shitpost himself. Aimless hedonist who talks in 90% sarcasm, never expresses his honest feelings or lets himself get attached to people, and who likes to get under people’s skin just to see what they’ll do.

Now, what does this mean for Wayhaven. He’s a flirty kinda guy who likes looking good but doesn’t really like pomp and ceremony, so that settled the clothing choice for modern. His apartment is just as big a mess as his life, which is really all I can say about that. All this also informs how he interacts with Unit Bravo, and his reaction to the reveal

Jay’s a bit more moderate than either of these two so i’m not gonna go into detail for him (also cause this is already getting, pretty long), but the overall process was similar. Broad strokes, then slowly whittle down to specifics

i… have no idea how useful this will actually be for you in the end but i hope it gave some insight into how i create my characters! if you (or anyone, really) want to talk about this more hmu, i love chatting about this kinda stuff~


I find it fascinating how much thought and effort a lot of you put into character creation, sometimes to a point of envy even.

I admit, I did have warm and affectionate memories of my first Wayhaven MC shaping into existence, though before it was discovered that detective Fancy Pants had been designed by Sauron, and chiseled out by Orcs and Goblins (the trolls, bless their stony hearts, formed a picket line and protested, but no one listened).