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Am I the only unicorn who envisions a new name, character, appearance, life every time–each character unique–within the endless gaming void?
While bits and tastes of them may be me–the women and elves I aspire to be, the men who would draw me in–it never feels as if I am stepping into the role, less an avatar, and more as if I was fashioning and lovingly creating MCs, then guiding them out into these fantastic worlds as I ride shotgun. Perhaps I’m more the wicked step-mother, puppet-master, or a god, they represent my kingdom, but in the end I’m taking no responsibility for their dramatics…

Suffice it to say all my 2d children have only ever shared an appreciation for beautiful men. :blush:
So, thank you for that beloved author.

'Tis truly a shame, though, that I rarely get to know the lady versions of gender-selected characters. Girl power and all…


Favorite way: I actually like that you can distract him by telling him you might die and all his hard work will go to waste. That’s awesome. Also rather like that you can be the one to inject him if your combat is high, also very nice.
Favorite scenes…Bedroom scene with Ava, when you grab her arm. Also torn between two of the after-fight scenes, also with Ava. (Wonder who I like the best? :stuck_out_tongue: ) The two scenes being if you A. Pick to reach out towards her. B. Meet her eyes and thank her for coming to get you.
Both for the simple fact that they feel really intimate, and give you a very nice glimpse of her actual feelings.


Ugh I have to replay this game a thousand times because there are so many good scenes that I missed >.<

I cant pick a fav scene but I really like how in the early introduction to M if you choose to glare back you still get a friend point lol


if you use observation you end up using a wire to trip him into a spike and then your ro finishes the job


Yes. That’s what happened. XD I meant was I haven’t tried using the other stats so I can’t really say which stats is my favorite yet. ^^;


I love the little comments we can make after we find out the whole vampire thing. The whole sparkle thing, the coffins or cross waving at Murphy. I also liked it when, at the very end, in A’s route you can say you don’t bite.

Also if you shoot/pepper spray A at the beginning you can comment on it later on which i really liked.

And to not forget the infamous unicorn scene.
Let’s just say that F and I would make great friends. If they found it funny, i probably did as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, this is a game where I really wish there was a save system! I would love to just save before the RO scenes and get to see everything without having to play all the way though again.


Geez, the line where your mom says “I thought my life was over when I saw you like that.” Is amazing. Probably one of the best written lines I’ve seen. Also maybe made me tear up on my first playthrough.


Ahh, I’ve just finished a playthrough.[/Flash Slothmore style]

A wondrous thing that I began with my detective son Rayyn “Rainy”, (immortalized in ye olde thread), who has now become my shining, glistening star after discovering the climax was wholly drenched in rain.


Everything was absolutely brimming with double meaning, particularly with the healing and replenishing symbolism of water. And this is Adam’s element, yes? Perfect.

Also, Mason’s still an arse, but I will in all likelihood go there…after the triangle. :nail_care:

Here’s to the men who have inspired my Wayhaven:








Ey I did a thing.

Meet MY!Emma Langford. The coffee loving workaholic with a friendship/budding crush on a certain green-eyed agent.
…It’s not great but I’ve literally been trying to draw her all day and this is the best I’ve got for now. You can’t really see it because I’m garbage but I headcannon her having some scaring on her neck/upper shoulder area curtsy of Murphy. Probably not cannon but I’m sticking to it til I can’t. I’ll probably try drawing her again at some point because I’m insanely addicted.


I know people will think this is really wrong, but my character was always about what was best for Wayhaven and as such, I think he would be of the mind at the end to take his own life, just to save everyone else alot of headaches. I mean if I am dead, nobody can benefit from my blood.


Not to be morbid, but can’t they just take your blood and use it after you die? Nothing says they can’t preserve it if they get to you really quick. Better to just keep that blood in you. :slight_smile:


He planned on using you as a blood farm, if he kills you eventually the supply will run out


They could stretch it out, possibly clone it. But even if they couldn’t, they’d still be using what as in your body. Then they would just wait for another like you to appear.


That would break Rebecca’s heart and only god knows what she would do then. Certainly wouldn’t help in human-supernatural relationship.

Besides, according to the following bit there are already small stockpiles of MC blood at the end of Book 1:


“That’s…” N begins, taking a slow breath. “That’s the detective’s?”

Elidor looks down at the blood bag. “Oh, yeah. We keep some here just in case of emergencies.”


Wasn’t it said MC is the last with mutated blood ? and a dead person can’t regenerate blood cells anymore :slight_smile:

Ummm… Well i had been thinking, If the MC go for “Blood Donation” every month… won’t the agency will save enough blood in the blood bank to distribute to their agents when the time come ? :slight_smile:


This is probably one of the best Hosted Games so far. I like the premise and setting, and there’s enough meat to chew through than some of the official games.

I have a few questions though:

  • Can we only romance the agents? How about our old partner or the reporter?
  • Do we not get further than just lingering touches for romance?
  • Will our father play a part in the future? Is he even still alive?


I might miss that part in the end. I don’t remember reading that line. XD

@GeminiSparkSP According to Sera, these are slow burn romances but I don’t think we don’t have to wait to long for those moments especially to a specific agent.


To answer your questions

  • yes
  • you will in later books
  • I think Sera said that he will appear in later books


It’s N route, very last hospital scene, right before they leave.