The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2

There were no indication but we might get more info on the first part of Book Two. I could see Bobby snooping about that issue for sure. XD


That bothered me too but I’m assuming it will be dealt with in Book Two. I can’t imagine the MC will just let people live in fear when the threat is gone… Or at least the Murphy threat is…


Nothing like not being able to post for a few days because of getting a new computer only to come back to 500 Missed posts. Was a fun read!


Welcome back friend! :grin:

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That’s why you need to be here with your phone too. If I didn’t do that I would have to read like 200+ messages every single day :laughing:

Fall in the temptation


Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t been around too much. Had the weekend off as usual and work has been exhausting!

But I am still around :smiley:

If it helps with a couple of things I noticed:

The legal drinking age in Wayhaven is 18. And the fallout of what happened with Murphy and how that will be explained to those who don’t know about the supernatural is something that will crop up in Book Two :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is doing well! And I really want you all to know how much reading this forum always puts a smile on my face. I am definitely ready for Monday now I’m pumped after reading, hehe :smiley:


Thanks for the clarification Sera! =) Hope you have a well rested weekend!

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Gasp, NO! I missed the Douglas appreciation posts… MY BOY!

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My dreams of there being a Hellboy II-esque underground supernatural society are surely possible!!


Charlotte: [clicks tongue at Douglas] …Fine. No military school, but you’re still getting a haircut!!

Douglas: [holds his face in his hands while groaning] What did I do to deserve this?

[at a press conference in front of the police station]
Charlotte: It was wizards.
Bobby: [is the only journalist] You can’t expect us to believe something like that! The people deserve to know the truth of what happened!
Charlotte: [sighs] Fine. You wanna know the truth, Bobby?
Adam: [grows tense] Detective–
Charlotte: It was two wizards.
Adam and Bobby: [groan simultaneously]

Charlotte may not agree with the Agency’s secrecy, but she will take every opportunity possible to troll Bobby, lol.


Poor Adam! I hope we could tease Adam more in the future books! =)

I wonder if the Agency have their own PR team. XD I hope we could get a chance to troll the press conference… Not really professional but that it might be fun!


Oh gosh, now I am thinking of all the possible jobs and lives those supernaturals can have and live. I love dreaming about that kind of stuff.

What about a Werewolf who has taken the job as a dog trainer/whisperer (looking at you Ceasar Millan). Because they know how it is to be a dog/wolf-human, thus can easily connect with those sweet poopers.

And what about this: a Witch that opens up a herbal shop were they brew alternative medicines for illnesses, but only the minor ones (like a local sneeze, or maybe to lighten the pain for people with rheumatism or old-age aches), because their skill and powers aren’t great enough for anything else.

A Wood Nymph taking care of nature with a job as a forester. Being able to communicate with the plants and trees to some extent and therefore easily knowing which trees are ill, what kind of plants would best fit at some places, keeping lousy assholes away from the beauty of nature (because they know exactly when and where those fuckers enter the forest since said forest will whisper it in the Nymph’s ears), etcetera etcetera.

A Satori taking a job as a psychiatrist or therapist. Because they cannot read minds (not powerful enough), but they are able to see/feel/hear their patients troubled minds to some degree. And could thus be excellent at their job, if they know how to treat/manipulate their patients accordingly.

A Gorgon caring for the blind, old and disabled, with a beautifully coloured scarf wrapped around their cute little snake-hairs. They don’t have to worry about anything, they can finally have conversations with people and care for them, feel another person’s touch. And once they go home and when they walk outside all they have to do is wear these specially made spectacles (supplied by the Agency, naturally), which distorts their vision ever so slightly (think of it as if they cannot see the details in the far distance), so that their already kind of weak immobilizing/stoning gaze has no effect on humans at all.

But why keep thinking inside the box when there is a whole lot of possibilities outside of it!?! I mean, wouldn’t it be super special to have a group of Centaurs secretly in natural parks like Yellowstone to keep the food chain balanced and nature at its best?

Or maybe Griffins flying around the uninhabited places of the world gathering strayed trash, like plastic bags and other junk?


Hah! This had me giggling… :rofl:

I love the imagination in this thread, you people just come up with SO many scenarios. :heartbeat:


I wonder if there’s any Supernaturals living in Wayhaven already then.

The next villain is the town’s mail man who has been a demon this whole time!!


???: I finally found you. The power source.
MC: looking around in the dark Show yourself!
???: comes out of the shadows all dramatic like Hello, Detective.
MC: … Wait, Ron? The mailman?
Ron: Yes, I was actually a demon this whole time!
MC: I used to babysit your kids and now you want go drink my blood??
Ron: … It’s been rough since the kids moved out, Detective… Linda and I haven’t been doing well…
MC: Oh I’m so sorry to hear that…
a few minutes later
UB: busts in MC! WE’RE HERE TO-
MC: sitting with Ron as he crys … Can you guys wait outside a moment?


Oh, there have to be. I’d be shocked if there weren’t.

What if Douglas wants to move out because they want to be an independent adult? He’d be dead after 0.2 seconds of living on his own


Ok, I’m sorry but this is so A. I will never listen to this song again without thinking of them.

I had given up
I didn’t know who to trust, oh
So I designed a shell
Kept me from Heaven and Hell, oh
And I had hit a low
Was all I let myself know, yeah
Yeah I had locked my heart
I was imprisoned by dark

You found me dressed in black
Hiding way up at the back
Life had broken my heart into pieces
You took my hand in yours
You started breaking down my walls
And you covered my heart in kisses
I thought life passed me by
Missed my tears, ignored my cries
Life had broken my heart, my spirit
And then you crossed my path
You quelled my fears, you made me laugh
Then you covered my heart in kisses

My heart :sob:


Independence is important for a developing young man so I will support him, but I will also let him know that if he needs anything I am always here for him…

And then I’ll make sure to check out any place he wants to live in. Make sure it meets safety standards. Meet the neighbors to make sure they’re on the up and up and if I see ONE thing wrong he is moving somewhere else because my son deserves the best.


God, can you be my mom too? :joy:


I did not expect such a…good…normal answer? I am sorta impressed, sorta confused :rofl:

You should get the mayor’s approval to adopt him…