The Watchtower - Ruthless Killers Required


Hi all,

Just uploaded this game to and wanted to share. Let me know what you think. The full game can be found here. its short and somewhat bloody but should give the reader a good half hour’s fun.

When first constructed the Watchtower at Millerain guarded the edges of human settlement in the new world of Arborell, and for two centuries it served its purpose well. In these modern times it lies abandoned and desolate, the frontiers of the realms of Men found hundreds of leagues further to the north and west. It is however, no longer empty. Something has found a home within its crumbling battlements, spreading malice and malcontent upon the surrounding rural communities. Citizens have gone missing, and with their loss a pall has settled upon once peaceful settlements. Whatever lurks within the high tower wishes itself to remain hidden and undisturbed. It is your intention that it will not remain so.

In this 30,000 word solo adventure you are a Ranger of the Watch, one of an elite regiment of soldiers charged with maintaining the security of the Kalborean Union. Given orders to investigate the cause of the disappearances you believe it is the Watchtower that harbours the reason for such misery. Your orders are clear, your duty to search the tower and destroy all that hides within. Do so and the realms of Men will once again be secure.

I hope you like it. More about the world it is set in can be found at

Wayne Densley


Oh this is so cool, is this the same universe with your other WIP?

Hi Bathala,

Yes it is. The Rangers of the Watch play a large part in the world of Arborell. Let me know how you go.


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That was a rather fun read! :grin:
Why are the stats maxed out though?


The stats are determined to some extent by the choices you make at the beginning. What would you see as being a more challenging level?


It need a summary to get people interested and now what it about


Hi Harley,

I’ve put in a bit more info. I think it will give a general summary of the game.


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