The Village of Beasts (WIP) (Updated 1 Dec 2019)

I like what I have read si far but I half expected the character option to then lead to the story as I saw no other way to customize my character except for setting the gender, as an answer to your question concerning Kota, she looks like a character I would like to know although she is hiding secrets from the MC hopefully the MC can help if needed or the situation being explained.

The character creator is actually implemented as part of the plot and thus is in chapter 1 - there’ll be an option to skip the prologue entirely for a quick start though it’d mean you miss out on some of the stuff available in the prologue like the mementos.

Ok, thank you for clearing that up, just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed anything

Dropping this here because people should see how utterly puntastic my puns are. Fun fact, there’s a puns made counter as well as an animals petted counter, hehe.


MC five seconds after seeing a god
:laughing: I love this game.


Yes! Puns for the win.

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