The Village of Beasts (WIP) (Updated 1 Dec 2019)

It is said in muttered rumours and whispers, that there lies a village in the woods where beasts work beside man. Where people disappear and are never spoken of again and where magic is said to run pure, free, and uncorrupted.

Your best friend’s hometown. Your best friend who you have not heard from since she returned to visit her family.

It’s time to gather your things and seek out answers.

Inspired by Norse sagas and general European fairy tales and folklore, The Village of Beasts is set in a world in which after the Fall of Magic in which the gods fell silent and magic became corrupted. Dealing with the aftermath of a world that is ramping up to Ragnarök, it is a story of sorrow and loss in an often-harsh world - but also of survival, of love and friendship, of finding yourself and a place within a world that has condemned you.

It is a story of hope.



9 Sept 2019 - Link back up. Beginning of prologue done, background with Koda elaborated on.

1 Dec 2019 - Most of prologue done.
----Character creator should be pretty much finished.
----Custom appearance origins should now be calculated and you can now select your own cultural origin.

----Corruption mechanic implemented.
----Mementos system implemented, more detailed descriptions for the first time looking at a memento in the menu will come later.
----Stat/personality trait changes added - Will need to be rebalanced at a later stage.

----Additions to Koda reaction dialogue in prologue. Added option to follow Koda. Koda can now become and remain angry at you.
----Option of going through the ruins via following the path instead of going into the woods.
----Dream sequence (Speak with a Northern god) added. Currently only Odin and Thor are available. Loki, Heimdallr and Freyja to be added in a later update. Can declare your allegiance to a pantheon or if you’re questioning the gods, this can still be established later on or changed.
----Earliest realisations of who the mysterious raven creature is are available, as well as the lead up to the fight. Actual fight mechanics are still in the works.
----Can go after the raven creature or the crumpled figure (huldra). Can meet the Wild Hunt or try and lead them off the Huldra lady’s trail.


The game features a default appearance and a custom appearance, with some slight differences in plot depending on which you choose.

Backgrounds (SPOILERS):

The default MC is an Ashlending and every MC will receive a portion of their memories to a degree. Choosing to go with the default background will mean discovering more about their past and how they got to where they are now, whereas a custom background is focused more on dealing with a set of clashing memories and choosing to move on.

Custom backgrounds:

  • Ashlending: Known for their characteristic soot-like markings on their hands and the kohl they spread around their eyes, this background focuses on a different set of memories to the default background’s. Born in the years immediately after the Fall, the Ashlands were in a state of upheaval due to their volcano they lived beside going off and showering the land in ash. It was determined that their volcano god demanded blood.
  • Luetian: Born in the titular Village of Beasts fifty years after the Fall, they know some of the village’s deepest secrets. They remember what happened to bring about the curse, being involved with seeing the first of the Beasts who became lost.
  • Strossi: At only nineteen at the time of the Fall, everything had been working out fantastically for them until then; they had been accepted into one of the greatest magical universities in the worldly Strossean Empire as a researcher during a renaissance of magic. Then the Fall came; all their friends and colleagues of magical races began dying off and the entire city was quarantined during the horrors of the Fimbulwinter.
  • Wayseeker: One born to a nomadic tribe a long time before the Fall, the tattooed centaur Wayseeker herder’s life follows them as they roamed the great plains of a now-Fallen continent. As a seer, they saw the warnings in the stars and omens in scattered bones of a great disaster that would lead up to Ragnarök.


All the romance options can be romanced by any gender - you can also choose to be best friends instead. My intention was always to make it feel like friendship wasn’t any lesser than romance, simply different. While sexual situations are mostly fade to black situations that can be avoided, you will also be able to explicitly state your asexuality.

Romance Options

Sijjani - Watcher of the Night
The resident town witch in her 40s-50s, she mainly keeps to herself. Once eager to delve into the shadier parts of life, she has since settled down and prefers a nice glass of wine in front of the fireplace. There are rumours that she was involved with the brewing the poison that the last Strossi king fell to.

Wilhelmina - Daughter of the Moon
Trapped in the form of a giant black wolf, Wilhelmina has been lost to her base instincts for decades. She is wary around people, but everyone knows that if they need help in the deepest parts of the forest to wait for the wolf to find them. A gentle giant who is steadfast and loyal, she can only be romanced if you free her mind from the curse.

Zeer - Basker of the Sun
Zeer is the youngest of the ROs, in his early twenties. Sarcastic and funny to make up for a troubled, angry interior, he was raised as a temple ward after the death of his parents. Due to being magic-sensitive he rarely leaves the safe pure zone of the temple. He questions his role as an exorcist at the temple, wanting to see the world and work with mechanics.

(Male or Female)
Locke was stolen from their parents as a baby and replaced with a changeling due to the fae having need of a human resistant to magic (and thus the corruption in magic) to carry out tasks that would be dangerous for them. Raised in by the Fair Folk, they are treated as just a human amongst the fae and too fae for the humans. Locke is cunning and manipulative but genuinely means well.

The Raven
(Genderfluid shapeshifter. Can choose a main form: Androgynous, Male or Female)
A fae spirit working under the domain of the Winter Court, the raven is a former childhood friend of yours who felt betrayed after what you did to them. Once quite mischievous and happy, a feeling of sorrow and bitterness tends to follow them nowadays. Their name was stolen from them and now they must do the bidding of their master.

Bainlan (Beyna hal Lan)
(Transgender male)
The fierce leader of the Red Eagles, a nomadic mercenary tribe that is thinking of settling down and establishing a settlement within the forest. Bainlan is seen by outsiders as shockingly crude and merciless. The people who see the way he coos over his dachshund Baby and rocks her in his arms would disagree. Considered a heathen barbarian by the villagers, he is beginning to make a name for himself by clearing the land of corrupted beasts nearby.

Will there be poly romances?

Yes. My reasoning for choosing the ones I have was to choose those who would realistically be able to have a good caring relationship together independent of the MC’s interference. The current plans are:

  • MC/The raven/Locke
  • MC/Zeer/Locke
  • MC/Sijjani/Wilhelmina
  • MC/Sijjani/The raven

Other characters of note:

Village and its outskirts

Koda: Cheerful and troublesome, she’s the reason why you have to go to all this trouble seeking her out in her hometown. Maybe it was fate that brought you together, maybe it was just sheer (un)luckiness. Whatever it was, you’ve been travelling together for a decade now and rely on each other to be able to watch your backs. She can be a bit too optimistic, fond of teasing and sometimes makes jokes at inappropriately serious times…but she’s saved your life more than a few times.

Näckeros: Friend to Wilhelmina in life, Näckeros is a corrupted drowned soul who is doomed to playing his haunting songs on his violin by the river, knowing he cannot cross over into whatever comes after death.

Daisy: An auroch. Moo.

The Red Eagles: A wandering mercenary tribe of misfits run by Bainlan looking to settle down in the forest. They are quite guarded and despise Corruption.

The Summer Court

The Queen of Summer: Disarmingly warm and friendly, the Summer Queen’s machinations are hidden behind a veil of smiles and joyful celebration. Visitors to her court see only eternal life and growth, mistaking it for goodness - and not realising the costs of endless growth left unchecked.

Locke is a minor lord or lady of the Summer Court.

The Winter Court

The Queen of Winter: Distant and frosty to all, the queen sits upon her throne in a castle made of ice that can be reached only by riding the breath of the North Wind. It is said that she seeks a true Fimbulwinter that will bring the end of days closer.

The Lord of Winter: Embodying the often fickle and alien nature of the fae, the lord of Winter is feared for his cruelty. Those that dare spill secrets have their tongues cut out, those who dare to pry into looking into things they should not have their eyes torn out. In truth, he does not understand the nature of cruelty and kindness, appreciating only the poetry of actions without any thought to things such as morals.

The raven is also a servant of the Winter Court.

Court of the Fallen

The Council: The Court of the Fallen is not really a court at all but a representative council, being named as such to mock the courts of Summer and Winter. Consisting entirely of Corrupted fae and their magic-resistant human representatives who must stand in for them to prevent the less corrupted from being exposed to more corruption, they attempt to represent the Corrupted they claim to stand for. Bitterness over their condition and conflicting viewpoints and desires has led to a lot of infighting.

The Discordant: A particular sect of the Court of the Fallen that believes the Corrupted are superior and desire to spread the Corruption over all the lands.



first thing first :

The biggest problem with your story is :
1- You have a childhood friend . Check
2- You must care for this childhood friend even if you only get a few lines to know them . Check
3- Of all the peoples in the town you live in, your childhood friend go miss and only YOU can go save them . Check .
4- You also don’t get to say ‘Go to hell’ in the beginning to said childhood friend . You get that later…once they are gone .

Sorry if this come off as mocking or harsh . I really don’t mean to . Homewhever, ‘Childhood friend need to be saved’’ are hard to write, because you need to work ALOT on that said friend, on interaction to make the reader…well care about said person .

You could for exemple, instead of ‘‘Go seek answer about what happen to your friend’’ to something like ‘‘Got an invitation by said friend, and once there…dun dun dun…nothing is at it seem…thing went wrong and your friend is nowhere to be found. Her family claim they never sent an invitation and want you to leave! highly suspicious! everyone acting weird too…now that mean I gotta stay and see whats going on…beside…someone locked the gate…I can’t leave!’’ .

anyway, thats just my opinion . Good luck with your story!


Seems interesting and you seem to have a solid idea in mind but you should really finish the chapters properly rather than just throwing what you got out there. It’s confusing as hell and kinda of a turn off. I don’t particularly mind about the childhood friend trope but I do agree with @E_RedMark, we need some background to understand why would we even care to save our friend in the first place.

Maybe it’s because we’re outcasts or orphans or whatever and the villagers don’t care. Then again it’s not like she went against her will or whatever. It feels like we’re acting on a hunch so it makes some sense it’s only us who care.

Agreed. Not with the “go to hell” part but we didn’t get to have any sort of reaction to a rather (seemingly) pivotal event. If you’re angry at her for leaving and tell her to fuck off it could later be said you were feeling guilty about it and it’s the reason you went after her or something.


Omg, I can tell that there is a whole world fleshed out and I always admire big and great world building. I have to admit reading what the story was inspired by peaked my interest at first and I wasn’t dissapointed. You got a unique way of writing, it feels kind of magical. You have a great way of explaining scenes and such.
However the first page of the prologue felt different to the rest. It build up to a very serious touch and then the conversation shifted suddenly to this little banter among friends, making it difficult to realise the gravity of what leaving really meant in that moment. Hope that makes sense.
But it’s only the beginning so far, it can only get better and I for myself am very interested to read more in the future.


yeah but that open up more scenario that the reader need to see, not just guess .

Like for exemple, where do we get the money to travel ? did we always live in a town with peoples don’t care ? Small town usually mean peoples aren’t that many and pay more attention vs city where everyone is out on their own .

Do we really have none, can we just pack and leave ?..etc .


Hi there, thanks for your interest!
Actually, you can be enemies with your former childhood friend (The raven) and even kill them if you like.

The friend who goes missing that you go after is actually a different character who you basically adopted and you actually need to physically stay near due to your sensitivity to magic - it’s like wandering around in a radioactive zone like chernobyl without her magic negating abilities, so you do need to find her for selfish reasons as well. You can actually state that your attitude towards her is more friends by neccessity than genuine care:

#Sometimes you wonder why you’re even friends with her - but then you remember how it is to wander alone.
The road is not always a safe place, even for you. You’re not so foolish as to think you’re invincible - all it takes is for one little mistake. One little slip-up, one little lucky hit in the right spot and even you with all your skills can go down.

	Having another pair of eyes around gave you a chance to relax your guard, if only until the next watch. Having her around right now would be incredibly useful in setting up your camp like you're doing now. You never thought you'd miss even her 'specialty' roadkill stew right about now…

You’ll meet up with her quickly - her disappearance isn’t actually the main mystery and you’ll get many more chances to develop your relationship or grow apart from her and decide never to see her again. That’s actually one of the main conflicts - she’s afraid you’re leaving her behind.

I hope that address some of the issues you have with it.


Btw…since you are new , when you reply directly (like to me now) you don’t have to use @redmarrrk . The @reddmark is used to make it cleaner, like answer to many peoples in one post .

For exemple : @reedmark Ha funny, @dudemark no no, thanx…and so on . It also lower the Spamming and none get flagged :sweat_smile:

Thanx, and sorry if my comment above came up wrong . I love stories you know…that’s all I eat all day long! :smile:

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The story shows promise but my biggest gripe so far is how disjointed it gets a few pages in. There’s a lot of content missing and it shows, it feels like the game keeps jumping from scene to scene and that can be disorienting to read. Half-way through I no longer knew what was happening; if it was a flashback, a dream, present time or something else.


That’s true it is confusing, my way of working tends to be bouncing around from all different parts of the story rather than in order so there’s already some written things that haven’t been put in because of the disjointed nature I work in. I’ll see about making sure the first few chapters at least make sense.

Your title is the Wanderer and you are an exile who has been travelling along with your friend for about a decade, the town you were staying in was only a temporary position. I’ll add something to clarify that’s the reason why no one cares about you two leaving.

That’s true. I’ll add a bit allowing you to choose your reaction, telling her to go to hell included. :slight_smile:

Since a lot of people are commenting about the disjointedness, I may remove some of the later scenes. And yes I am new and have no idea how this posting system works, :sweat_smile:


well welcome to the forum, I hope you like it here . We are pretty harmless (well I know I’m…unless we talking Smoochies…now those are sacred!) .

Noo…don’t quote me on that ‘Go To hell’’ Lol I’m nice to all my companions, even the ones I wanna strangle!!! :smile:

Btw the art is pretty nice…I know…slow poke lol

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Well Hel, the realm of the dead is a place I’m planning on letting the player go to, so it’s not even an exaggeration! :grin: If one of your friends dies you can strike a little bargain with a fae queen and retrieve their soul from Hel…

Just for the price of a little favour…


Sleep with her ? bake her cookies ? Do a Lambada dance?

Urgh…I can’t cook to save my life! Sorry friendo…Game over! :sweat_smile:

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Nothing so intensive as that! Just for the small, small price of your soul after your own death…what a bargain, right? :grin:

Now if they happen to send people after you to make that death quicker…well. Not killing you wasn’t part of the bargain!


what a cheapskate!!! First she want mah soul, then cheat me by sending a mob after meh!

Beware what you wish for O Ruler of Hell! I’m a chatterbox and will make you wish you know the spell SILENCE! :sweat_smile:

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Funny thing. I named my character Hel based on the Nordic goddess of the underworld. :stuck_out_tongue:



@malicei I’m actually surprised the missing friend isn’t a RO. Kinda makes me wonder about her fate…


Thanks, I’m glad to see making art wasn’t too useless for a text-based game :sweat_smile:
I thought about making her a RO but then I decided it wouldn’t feel right since the MC’s relationship to her is more familial since they half raised her the last decade or so and she’s just barely an adult.


aghhh why does it always have to be my soul can i just give dozen or so spare ones?

Hmm…actually, that could work for a more evil inclined MC, I already had plans to let you absorb the souls of others. Many souls is a much nicer deal than your single soul, you’re right!

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wait so you’re not making koda an ro because the relationship is familial but isn’t koda actually the raven who is an ro? (and can we save them?)

pretty interesting wip by the way. it’s confusing sometimes but pretty deep, it’ll probably a bit easier to understand when the disjointed scenes become a full cohesive story.