The Tree Of Life

Hello. I made a short game in Twine based on one of my older short stories. I made it as more of an experiment with the tool – mostly playing with the presentation. I’m personally quite happy with the results!

A short description:

In the near future, a peculiar type of coffin is invented. One that takes the genetic material of the corpse within it to produce a special tree. It doesn’t take long for cemeteries to no longer be barren. In fact, traditional tombstones end up being abandoned altogether. Why wouldn’t they?

The person’s memory is preserved – and reflected – in what comes out of the ground. It’s all you need.

A man visits such a grave – one belonging to his brother. It’s not reminiscing that brings him there. The local priest had filed a complaint in an effort to chop the tree down due to its… abnormal nature.

A dead tree.

That – somehow – still grows.

You can find the game here: The Tree of Life [Itch].

Playtime is just a few minutes, and I’m interested in any and all feedback. I thank anyone and everyone that takes an interest, and hope you enjoy.


Damn, what an experience. Loved, what you did with the effects and with the POVs. The story certainly made me curious about whether Henry meets someone in the end and who did the mentioned kid belong to. Were they MC’s?

In any case, I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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Thanks for playing! Really happy you enjoyed it!

To answer your questions real quick:

The “kid” was referring to Henry’s brother’s kid.

As for the end, the person saying “Hello, Henry” was also the brother, commenting as he was observing the tree. The reason the text shows up on the other side of the screen is because I wanted to visually show that he had crossed the divide that had separated them their entire lives. Thus, symbolizing that he’s begun to forgive Henry. Or, at least, understand him a bit better.

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Good to hear I was right about the kid. And quite a clever use of positioning the text, you got there. I didn’t even notice the last part!

Although, by “in the end” I mean, when Henry was dying somewhere on the streets, wishing for anyone to come.
The implications that Henry loved his wife, but continued acting like a douche made really added another dimension to his character.

How long did it take you to make the story?


How long did it take you to make the story?

I originally wrote pretty much the entire thing in an hour or so. As it says on the itch page, it was originally just posted as a submission on a random r/writingprompts prompt.

When I decided to make something in Twine, it seemed like a fitting choice (even if I would’ve likely been fine with anything). Most of the time went on figuring out the presentation, really. Along the way I reworded some things and lines to make it work better for the actual experience.

Overall, I’d say… maybe three-four days in total to get the whole thing done?

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That was some quality stuff. Well done!


That was some really solid and good work, I’m just dying to know what happened Henry’s sister in law (his brother’s wife in case that was a bit confusing). Anyways, great work!

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