The stats tab doesn't show the correct data

I can’t make the stats increase. I’ve tried all. From what I’m reading the code is right but for some reason it just doesn’t work

I created style, strength and resistance and put them on 50 (On style I just put " ") on startup.txt but when I try to change them. It just doesn’t work.
This is my code.

    *set strenghth +5
    *set style "PowerHouse"
    *goto PowerHouse

    *set resistance +5
    *set style "PowerHouse"
    *goto Brawler

It doesn’t matter what I do they keep on 50 (And style doesn’t show anything)

I also created the Brawler and Powerhouse labels and they work perfectly. The only problem is that the stats just doesn’t change

PS: I also made a “name” and “lastname” variable and they work fine
PS2: Changing variables before the *choice works perfectly

EDIT: The stats are actually increased but they doesn’t show correctly on the stats tab

What error does it show?

Also, your strength variable is misspelled in the code. Does that have anything to do with it?

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You’ll want to have, in your startup file,:

*create strength 0 (or whatever number you want to start with.)
*create resistance 0
*create style “” (because that will be a word, rather than a number)

Do you have that stuff?

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It doesn’t have anything to do because the original code is on spanish.
It doesn’t show any error. It just doesn’t increase at all

Could you check if it increases if you use %+10 instead? That should approximately equal 5 here.

i made
*create strength 50

and later i made
*label Brawler

I don’t think it have anything to do since I tried using
*finish instead of *goto Powerhouse and it didn’t work either

I created a lof of variables and all of them works but when I put the *choice they just don’t update anymore

Here’s the original code

*create nombre ""
*create apellido ""
*create apodo ""
*create agilidad 50
*create fuerza 50
*create resistencia 50
*create tecnica 50
*create micro 50
*create face 50
*create kayfabe 50
*create ranking 300
*create marca "FAL"
*create origen ""
*create estilo ""

I made a input text to modify “nombre” “apellido” “apodo” and “origen” and all of them works

I used this to change them

*label Nombre

*input_text nombre

The problem is after I put the *choice nothing is updated after that.

This is the full code that I’m using on *choice


  #PowerHouse (+Fuerza, ++Resistencia, -Agilidad)
    *set fuerza +5
    *goto PowerHouse

  #Brawler (++Fuerza, +Resistencia, -Tecnica)
    *set resistencia +5
    *goto Brawler

I think that I’m doing it fine but it just doesn’t work

It didn’t do anything

Just to make sure: the choicebody itself works fine?
This might be a ridiculous idea but:
Try increasing the indentations by one or two (and dont use tab)

      *set fuerza +5
      *goto powerhouse
      *set resitencia +5
      *goto brawler

Aaaaaand It didn’t work. I just don’t know what is happening here :’(


  1. If you are testing on browser, did you clear the cache?
  2. Are you checking on the stats page? Could we have the code you have there?

I know this might sound silly, but its prolly something absurdly simply.
(Also try making the labels all lower case?)

I’m checking on the stats page. Every other variable is okay but this doesn’t change.
I cleared cache a couple times and even changed browser

This is what I have on choicescripts_stats

!{Nombre} !{Apellido}
text Apodo
text Marca
opposed_pair Face
opposed_pair Kayfabe
text Agilidad
text Fuerza
text Resistencia
text Estilo
text Origen

Try writing them all lower case? As you have them in the create line?

Nothing happened :confused:
I tried to change the *choice to *fake_choice since I saw that it allows *set too

Have you tried refreshing the browser page?

I even tried on another browser

Okay, you got the latest version of CS, correct?

Let’s try something ridiculous to narrow things down:

      *set fuerza +5
      *goto powerhouse
      *set resistencia +5
      *goto brawler

*label powerhouse
Fuerza : ${fuerza}
*goto next

all small letter in the variables
just to check if the error is in the calculation somehow or in the stat file


The stats are increased but they don’t update on the stat file

Updated with what I discovered thanks to @MeltingPenguins
The stats are actually increased but they don’t update on the stats tab

This is what I have right now on the choicescript_stats.txt

*label Stats
*if (nombre != "")
 [i]Informacion Personal:[/i]
 ${nombre} ${apellido}
 [b]Lugar de nacimiento: [/b]

 percent Fuerza
 percent Resistencia
 percent Agilidad
 percent Tecnica
 percent Micro
 opposed_pair Face
 opposed_pair Kayfabe
 percent Kayfabe

In the game are you using the variables lowercase? If so try changing the ones in the percents to lowercase; I don’t know if that makes any difference but its worth trying it out.