The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP)

@Razgriz Verey has the strongest military overall, but Ophaesia has the best navy.

@Zolataya I agree, there are definitely some amazing female authors here. Guenevere seems to be common among people’s favorites, and it’s definitely one of mine as well. I also adore Carhalow, and @iris and I have become good friends after we started talking on the forums, and I get really happy whenever people mention her game. :blush:


Hmm looks like I’ll need to spread my list of contacts far and wide. Make sure I know to make my move when Verey strikes out against another land or has just finished a war.

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I’m unsure if this is a bug or not but…

Looking at the code if you get into a fight with your mother you should get a piece of text that says “You could sense that your mother…” etc etc. But after getting into a fight with her I never actually get this piece of text. Is it not implemented or is it just bugged and never shows up? Perhaps I just missed it somehow but I keep using CTRL + F after the fight to find it and it never pops up.

Thank you for pointing this out! This has been fixed, but you won’t be able to tell until I update the game.

Out of curiosity, how are you able to see my code?

I really think that Court etiquette aka politics should be a thing. It is a mortal necessity for survival

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Right click, “Save link as…” then I opened it in Notepad++ it’s quite helpful seeing how code bugs such as the motherfight text not popping up. Something you wont know otherwise.

Are not you not ok with the code being viewed? If so I am sure there is probably a way to encode it or something…

@bomsasa Thank you!

@Blazerules If people are that interested in the code, then I suppose they can view it, but there are likely to be a lot of spoilers. Your finding that bug was quite helpful though, and it likely wouldn’t have been found for a while had you not looked at the code. I do feel a little weird about it though, if only because now I feel like now I have to make sure my way of coding isn’t weird or something, haha. :smile_cat:

All of ours is weird - but that is why i leave all my plot notes and self-reminders off on separate txt files.

I had thought I could leave reminders in my scene files if need be, but I might just have to store them elsewhere like the other many, many files I have for this game.


Who cares how the code looks so far as it works :stuck_out_tongue: Plus in the html file it will look like a mess regardless of how well made it is :joy:

You can leave reminders, like so:

*comment TODO: Add another option or two here.

And then later you can always do a search for TODO’s or whatever you want to call them if the scene file has gotten long and you’ve forgotten where they are. I make a distinction between comments that are reminders and those that exist for other reasons, but if you only use comments for reminders then it won’t matter and simply searching for the word comment will work too.


You could use it as a skill and have roughly three levels of proficiency, 1 basic or tourist (really simple stuff), 2 normal (you can speak the language as well as the average person on the street in that country and read and write it) 3, academic (the more advanced stuff, for a scheming prince this level likely also has the benefit of being able to lose any Ophesian accent one might have when speaking the language). Not every skill or stat in COG has to be measured as a percentage. XOR also uses a fairly simple 0, 1, 2 scale for stats and the Infinity series also uses three levels of proficiency for foreign languages (only Antari thus far).

Indeed the Waywalkers series, Guenevere, Empty Shell, Carhalow and Team Zero, among others are written by female authors. It’s not really that surprising as writing has always been one of the more equal opportunity areas.


I don’t know the examples you gave but I think I understand what you mean and I had thought of it when I posted that. I just think that keeping track of the levels of proficiency for each language is way too much work for something that is not going to be of much use considering the game focus mostly on ophaesian court, and merging all languages on a single skill don’t feel right to me.

I don’t know how we will increase our skills but I imagine something like the usual “pick what to focus your training” and choose what activities to do in your free time etc, if so the game could keep track of the our “level” with certain language and once we reach a determined number we just know it, for simplicity. Of course that depends of how many languages are relevant to be known which makes me ask:

@Fawkes In your world is there a universal language like english is for us today or a preferred scholarly language like latin used to be? If yes what languages are those?

@Fawkes: Melisande was not just an incredibly brilliant schemer, but also a sadist. The way she bought Phèdre’s favors for her princely lover as a “farewell gift” just before she set him up for execution was downright wicked, as was her betrayal of Phèdre who had never wronged her. She was an amazingly well written villain, both beautiful and ruthless in the extreme. That said, you’re not exactly convincing me of Ysonia’s innocence here… :smirk_cat:

Speaking of Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series, are you planning on similarly inserting any BDSM elements into your story?

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Huh… You know, I’d never even heard of Kushiel’s Legacy until Fawkes and you mentioned it here, but the line about Ysonia being based on her made me curious, so I looked up her character on Tvtropes… And I must say that if Ysonia is even half like her, it does imply that the suspicion and disdain she’s viewed with not only by the king and the court but also the rest of the country may be FAR from baseless…:fearful:

And here I was half set on viewing her as a kind of Marie Antoinette for the time being… :sweat:

On the subject of Melisande though, according to Tvtropes one of her good points is that she truly loves her son - I suppose the same can be said about Ysonia and her son/daughter?

Hmm… I’d certainly not mind if Fawkes did this, but doesn’t that pose a certain danger, ratings-wise? I mean, I guess it wouldn’t be anything too risque, but… :confounded:

I leave for work with us talking about normal things such as th murder of our parents then I come back to talk of BDSM? For shame forum users,for shame.


The sad truth that it is normal. Speaks well of us :laughing:

Oh come now who doesn’t plot a little patricide every now and then? But odd sexual tendencies are crossing the line.

Anyway anything new happen while I was at work? I feel that if I miss ten seconds of this that I’ll never be able to catch back up.


I think everyone is napping so you are safe for now.

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