The Rise of the Ochita [WIP] CHAPTER 6 NOW OUT (60K WORDS) 30-12-2023

A historically inspired game set in the 1750’s American continent, during the French and Indian War. You are the child of a Chief of a fictional tribe, facing the uncertain future the war is bringing to your people. Will you become the next leader of your tribe and guide them to glory or will you forever perish? Will you choose to lead or become a powerful Shaman and learn the ways of magic and medicine? Will you fight and make it back alive? Will you find true love, even in the most unexpected of all places?

A multiple-choice non-forgiving game with many possible outcomes




Updated Characters List with Portraits

Chief Chodanhawk, your Father




Jacob Smith





I always try to write parts of the next Chapter before releasing the previous one, so that new updates come sooner rather than later. Until now, the game was more or less streamlined for all possible routes. But now, during the next chapters that are going to be released there will be a big division that is going to lead to different chapters, according to your current path. A big decision is up for the MC. Will they follow the path of magic and the Shamans? Will they choose to be the best warriors they can be? Maybe use their diplomatic skills to alter the course of history! Or maybe, they will let their heart’s decide the matter for them… All is going to be revealed in future updates.

Chapter 7 - Development

The first of the three different paths is ready…So I would say, 33,3% ready for launchhhhhh!

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Play as a male, female, or non-binary
Please excuse any mistakes with the coding and let me know if you find any bugs!

The story so far is around 60k words. The game will probably end up being around 100.000 words.

To play the first six Chapters, go here:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Link here for feedback : The Rise of The Ochita

Thank you!


Sounds interesting, What things will the MC have to deal with as a Native American inhabitant of French Louisiana?

This is a really interesting setting that I’ve not had much experience with, so it’s great to see.
I’ve had a quick run through and enjoyed the setup, I’d love to see where this goes.

Do you know what sort of gameplay you expect for the rest of the game? I notice there’s a lot of skills in the stats menu, will there be lots of tough skill checks and failure states?

Couple of minor issues

I have found a couple of little points I thought were worth mentioning.
On the below page, the formatting tags don’t work. I believe you should use [i][/i] instead of <i></i>

The conversations you have with the French & British emissaries seem to be structured differently - I can leave the British guy after a single question, but I have to ask the Frenchman all three questions before I can leave.
Also, when you have more questions for the British guy, it lets you ask the same question twice (e.g if I ask “What guarantees can the British provide for the protection and preservation of our tribal lands and traditions?”, and then select “Yes, I have more questions.”, my first question about guarantees is an option again. This doesn’t happen with the French guy, so I guess there’s a variable you’re setting to track whether a question has been asked, and you just haven’t set that to true here?

There’s also a lot of points where i appears in lower case instead of upper case, mostly in the second conversation you can have with the British guy after making the choice to side with him. But that’s all pretty minor grammatical stuff.

The MC is an inhabitant of a ficitional tribe that resembles the real life tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy in the northeastern part of modern United States. He is going to take part in war, learn about medicine, maybe change allegiances during the game if the MC so chooses, find love, visit his old life, face their nemesis…


Thank you for the feedback! I will try to fix these later tonight when I’m home from work! So, the gameplay now will shift towards the war campaign in the next chapter. There will be a new meeting and possible romnantic interest, as the war party sets off in their endeavours. The many skill checks are definitely part of it. The game will not be forgiving in any sense and if you don’t do good choices, specially in combat you can easily meet your Maker. Also, some romantic interests will be less interested in you if your skills are incompatible with their character.


Will be keeping an eye on this. Good luck! :+1:


Thank you so much! A major update with the release of the second chapter is being planned in the next weeks!


New poll added for anyone interested! Your voting counts! Thank you! :grinning:


A question regarding the French offer, do you think that a disadvantage related to the alliance would be a possible interference of the religious orders of evangelization? (Because that would lead to the shamanic religion syncretizing with the French Catholic faith and the formation of indigenist perspectives fused with the Christian one, but also the suppression of local customs that seem too pagan for the taste of the missionaries, such as the invocation of powers such as Shaman)

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Hmmm, to be fair I didn’t give that much thought, although I see your point. in historical context though the French had been allied to many tribes with pagan customs, Huron and Algonquin tribes. So i guess the old quote “the end justifies the means” also applies here.


I say this because as a Mexican I have some experience with evangelization groups in my country and since France was Catholic, just like Spain,

I would expect their religious policies to be similar because here the indigenous peoples retain their native customs except those that still have to do with pagan religions. or shamanism, even today many Catholic celebrations in indigenous towns do so through their customs, changing the focus to Jesus or some Saint. Although in my opinion I would not say no to a peace treaty with our traditional enemies.

In addition to adapting and integrating tribes allied to the Spanish empire such as the Tlaxcaltecas, or other enemy peoples of those empires such as the Mexicas (Aztecs), Incas or Mapuches.

Also what interesting characters the Catholic missionaries could be, there would be some bad ones or some good ones.

Two examples of missionaries with bad objectives would be Pablo José de Arriaga and Diego de Landa who studied indigenous customs to later eradicate “sinful” customs and traditions.

Others who rather studied indigenous customs out of scientific curiosity or administrative objectives to put it one way would be Gonzalo Fernández, Oviedo and José de Acosta and Bernardino de Sahagún. These examples, apart from evangelizing, also recorded in a more objective way the customs of the indigenous people as well as having learned the native languages ​​and some of them lived with the indigenous people to better understand them. Although I doubt very much that the Shaman of the MC’s tribe would like the presence of the missionaries in the tribe.


Yes that’s not a bad idea at all…To include a Catholic missionary as a character

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And the MC would develop a friendship with this character even if it doesn’t necessarily have to be a RO for the MC. Also that he can intercede for our tribe to the French as well as help us to stop the disputes with the other rival tribe.

By the way, why is the other tribe at enmity with the MC’s tribe?

Vox populi, vox Dei!

83% of you wanted to have character portraits and without further ado, I present them to you!

For the rest, who don’t want this option you can simply not click on the “hide details” characters part of the post!

The best are yet to come :slight_smile:


Any chance we can get saves? I’ve had to restart the game twice now, so haven’t managed to complete a playthrough yet :cry:

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Yes definitely…I’m working on it!


Saves have been implemented. Let me know if you find any bug!


Saturday should be fun day! I have decided to split the Chapter i’m working on in two pieces since it became slighlty big. I feel like it is much more convenient this way for both readers and for myself. Chapter 2 - Path of War is now out!

Feel free to play and let me know of any bugs you have found. Feedback will be greatly appreciated!


This is an interesting concept. I wish you the best of luck!

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Thank you wholeheartedly! I hope you enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face: