The Psion (WIP) (Hosted Games)

I’ve begun work on my new game The Psion. In it, you play a Psion, a person who has Psionic abilities inside a fantasy world.

I’m quite new to this whole thing, so I don’t know when I’ll be updating, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it. I only have a prologue and a finished first chapter, both of which may be subject to change after some constructive criticism. Without further ado here’s the demo.


I’m not very far through it.

Typos distracted me.

Also, I enjoyed the backstory bit. Maybe instead of “years pass…”, you could flesh that out a little more? It feels very abrupt.

Regardless, I’ll finish playing through it and add more typos if I see them.

Congrats on your demo, it’s a very interesting premise. I did find this bug and I look forward to seeing how it goes

I like the concept of this story. I hope it keeps being improved on on what you want to make it feel.

I’ll see what the problem is, thank you

Thank you for pointing these out. I’ll fix them when I have the time.

Would you consider a cheat mode in the future?


Nice wip, im looking forward to future updates.

First note: “Telekenetics” should be “Telekinesis.” Sorry, as a psi fan that slightly bugs me XD


I think It’s too early to consider a cheat mode but maybe I’ll consider it in the future.


hoho a hidden gem

Nice W.I.P! I enjoy the concept cause there aren’t that many W.I.Ps that revolve around abilities of the mind (at least not the W.I.Ps I’ve seen).

Here’s some typos I found:

The stop should be capitalized, there should be a period at the end of Sawyer, and “You” should be lowercase.

*optimistic, found this when I was talking to Sawyer.

*decipher, *concentrates.

Good luck on your writing! :]

I will watch this WIP with interest

Your wip will make a fine addition to my collection

The premise is good but still riddled with Bad typos and small error.

A save would be good start so doesn’t need to go from beginning if encounter Error