The Pacific (WW2-WIP) UPDATE 5/25

You are an American Rifleman at the battle of Peleliu, one of the bloodiest battles of the war in the pacific during world war II. You will need to survive blistering heat, banzai charges, and worst of all, artillery strikes and starvation and dehydration. This is, The Pacific.




There you go!

thanks, posting the first chapter soon!

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if you want to play the first chapter

Uh… Something is wrong here, but I was able to play the demo anyway.

Try to avoid using caps lock (too much) to show that someone is screaming, it looks ugly, italic or bold text gets the job done in a more stylish way (In my opinion).

The text needs a few line breaks, it is hard for me and some other users to read big walls of text, but the story itself looks solid, keep it up!

Edit: I noticed that you used the word “Jappenese” a lot, shouldn’t it be Japanese?

Also, I guess this was a typo:


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While it is short it’s really good, I like the amount of detail put in to describe the scene going on, it’s really easy to picture what you say.

I personally like the caps because it makes it feel like he is screaming but I wouldn’t over use the caps. Only use them in situations where they help the story like in the landing scene

I really like where this is going and encourage you to keep it up cuz this has some really great potential

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Thanks and in the next update im going to fix some of those overused caps

ooops, quite a bit of typos and im not sure about the link, ill look into that. But thank you for the feedback, the typos should be fixed in the next 10 minutes or so!


It’s a good game, however there were a lot of words which should be capitalized. Other then that, I like it.

Thanks, and in the next update, it should be fixed up!

@RedJohnnny, I have some questions for you.

  1. Does the MC have grenades?
  2. In the stats, can you add a part which shows the MC’s ammo?
  3. Does the MC know how to use Japanese weapons?

Oh c’mon, the japanese didn’t use any weapons that were hard to use!

They were mostly simply aim and pull the trigger.

Here is the list of what they used if you are curious about it :smile:

It wouldn’t make a lot of sense if the MC didn’t know how to use them, but I guess that this option might not be available in this game…


OK so,

1) Yes, he will have about 2 grenades
2) I might add that in, but im not sure when. If anything, i will add it in the next update. Which should be in a little while (I added things! :D)
3) As ballmot said, the MC would, if i was to be historically acurate, have atleast a SLIGHT understanding of Japanese weapons and how to use them.


Thanks for the list, Its gonna be very useful for some later scenes :smiley:

I just thought of this:

  1. Can the MC collect war trophies?

Like an officers sword? Or the gold inside the mouth of a Japanese soldier?

If so, then maybe. If i have enough time after i finish chapter 2, then i may add it in

@RedJohnnny, all of those. And a Japanese rifle. Maybe a Japanese soldier’s skull? I think my MC will have a war trophy collection.

hmmm, i will more than likely add it in after i finish chapter 2, because it sounds promising!

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So, I’m not really knowledgeable abou WWII era military regulations, but wouldn’t showing up a base with some guys skull be breaking some kinda rule?