The Night Hunters : First Blood

I’ve begun work on my new game The Night Hunters: First Blood.

This is the first time I have penned my stories and am very nervous about this. I would like any advice about my writing skills and grammar. Also have written it in English that is native to my country so take it easy.

It is a romance heavy game and I would not recommend it to people who are not into the romance genre.
It is heavily influenced by Attack on Titan, Pacific Rim and a little bit of Jurassic Park.

You can play as a Man, Woman or Non Binary. There are 7 ROs and all can be male or female according to your orientation and you can also mix them up. In the mixed option the 7th RO is always going to be Non Binary.

  • Summary (non spoiler)
    You play has the main character, a young person who was born in Sienna on the very day that the 2nd war ended. You were raised by your adopted parents and had a fairly normal childhood and are fairly normal. Except for the fact that you get really disturbing, weird nightmares every once in a while along with these strange flash fits.
    Then one night when you were 18, something happened and your life changed forever.
    You will now have to fight your demons both literally and proverbially.
    Find the truth about your birth and the reveal the hidden meaning of your nightmares.
    Join the military and become the elite of the elite. Journey all over Sienna , make friends and maybe even find love. You and only you can save your world. Prove yourself worthy of being called a “NIGHT HUNTER”.
  • History
    Nobody knows how, what or where the monsters came from. Dark as ink and highly skilled predators they slaughtered everything in their path, no these creatures weren’t hunting for survival, they were hunting for the thrill of it. Humans who were used to playing predator had now become prey. These creatures attacked in the night when the humans were most vulnerable and these creatures had toxic skin and everywhere they went, they left behind a trail of their sticky tar like faeces. This substance was highly toxic in nature, contaminating the soil and the water. The once beautiful sun kissed blue sky had become grey and the sun no longer shone on these lands making the once colourful Earth, a dark dreary dangerous toxic bin. Millions of people, animals were slaughtered and humanity was at the verge of extinction. They called these creatures Divryns.

Divryn is a Tasri word that translates to nightmare in the common language. These monsters have been put into categories on the basis of their anatomy and how deadly they are.

Then the few survivors came together and decided to fight back. This is how The Survival Wars began. The war continued for a couple of decades until one day the survivors found land that was untouched and free of contamination, where the sun did shine and the air was so fresh you could taste it. They called this Haven Sienna which in the language of the ancestors means home. They knew that they were outnumbered by these creatures and weren’t going to be able to defeat them so they decided to build 18 feet tall walls along Sienna’s borders to keep the monsters out. The long hard war fought during the construction of these walls was called The First Wall wars and it lasted for an entire Decade. After the walls were built, the remaining survivors came together and made their leader, Rye Teroli the first Sovereign of Sienna. As time passed, the wounds healed, humanity flourished and peace reigned and like any other story the people soon forgot about the monsters beyond the walls. As time went by the people divided Sienna into 4 states based on the geographical and cultural differences and the old languages and traditions were forgotten and in their place, people modified and adopted their own traditions and cultures and religions.

Everything was peaceful for 500 years until one day, the walls Venotaria and Haldirye were breached and the Divryns flooded in destroying the settlements and claiming the lives of thousands of people. This started the War for Haldirye and Venotaria also known as the 2nd War for the Walls. The once slumbering military was still groggy from its long nap and was having trouble standing on its feet, citizens were recruited by the second and with every passing day, and more ground was lost. Then in the 4th year of the war, the emperor and the princess were both killed in battle. The war lasted for a total of 8 years.

Then one day news came from the front that a 22 year old Captain of the Vanguard had led a small contingent of 50 men to victory and that they had secured wall Venotaria after 7 years. The then Captain Rheyan Ashyver became a symbol of hope, they called him the Angel of Venotaria. The Captain was a Divryn killing machine; he slaughtered them the same way that they had us. He always knew when they were coming and where they would come from, some say that the Cat Cs couldn’t sense him because he had no fear, he hunted them in a way much similar to theirs which earned him the title of “Night Hunter”.

The Empress then made the Captain Ashyver, the Field Marshal and raised the team members of The Night Hunters to the ranks of General in commanding. 18 years have passed since the war and though peace reigns once more, this time around Sienna is more prepared and alert.

Remember to read the stats first before playing because it has all the information about this world.

There will be 7 ROs:

  1. Alistair/Alice Basri: (M/F),(5.10/5.5 feet)(Same age as MC)

Has sapphire eyes, golden blonde hair and fair cream skin with a light tan. Hair will be shoulder length for Alistair and Mid back length for Alice. Alistair has a lithe though athletic build with lean and toned muscles while Alice has a athletic build with soft feminine curves.

They have been your best friend since you both were in cribs. They are the fastest runner you have ever seen and are very mischievous and playful. They are loyal to you above everyone else and very protective of you.

  1. Captain Ashton/Ashlyn Satr Maneryn the third. (M/F),(6.3/5.11 feet),(30 yrs),(Serifi)
    Have Icy blue eyes with pale ivory colour skin and platinum blonde hair in a crew cut for Ashton and shoulder length for Ashlyn which is kept in a fish tail braid. Ashton has a strong and very muscular build with broad muscles, chest and shoulders and Ashlyn will have a highly muscular and toned body which are softened by her feminine curves. They have a very very attractive face with a gorgeous roman nose and high cheekbones and a jawline that could cut glass.
    The leader of the Night Hunter squad, a “born” Night Hunter, they are cold and arrogant though an excellent leader. They would kill for their squad and die for it as well. The Captain was trained from the young age of 6 to be a divryn killing machine and be the perfect officer.

  2. Surgical Captain Eshir/Eshira Nehsar (M/F),(6.2/5.9 feet),(28 yrs),(Tasryn)
    Dark brown eyes, Light brown skin and wavy,dark Obsidian hair that is short traditional boy cut for Eshir and long coming to lower back for Eshira which she keeps in a long French braid and both have the traditional dark ink tattoo of a Lion’s face on their lower abdomen.
    Eshir has broad shoulders with a chisled,muscular build and Eshira has broad shoulders and a voluptous figure. They have a kind and patient nature though they are very stubborn and are the second in command. They were “adopted” into the Night Hunters from the M&E Regiment and are a Doctor. They do however tend to lose their temper when someone troubles their patients or their troops and is the cool headed mediator of the group. They also hate it when their patients don’t obey them.

  3. 1st Commander Vern/Vera Archer (M/F),(6/5.8 feet),(27 yrs),(Ferosi)
    Emerald eyes, light peach skin with a smattering of freckles on face, neck and chest. They also have curly, fiery red hair that is shoulder length for Vern kept in a ponytail and mid back length for Vera kept in a tight high ponytail. Vern has a toned,muscular build and Vera has a curvy build.

They were in the Vanguard Regiment before adoption and are the squad’s Archer. They have the sharpest aim and are the best Archer in Sienna’s military history. They are hotheaded and will plow through anything in their way when in a temper. They are also have a very very vast dictionary for abuses and curses. But at the end of the day, they are very caring and will kill those who threaten their squad.

  1. Flight Captain Carter/Catrina Steyrs,(M/F),(5.11/5.7 feet),(23 yrs),(Ivylan)
    Has kinky,dark obsidian hair that is in the regulation buzz cut for Aviators. Have dark midnight eyes with smooth ebony skin and a smile that could outshine a million silver coins. Carter has a lithe athletic build with delicate features and Catrina has a slender build with delicate features.

Are a very charming and light hearted and fun nature. They can literally charm the pants off anybody. They are a highly skilled pilot who is very daring and risky. They have on a number of occasions saved the lives of the squad. Their two true loves include flying and…yeah lets just say getting people out of their clothes.

  1. Mechanical Captain Iryn/Iris Hasher (M/F),(6.1/5.10 feet),(25 yrs),(Venotaria district)
    With metallic grey eyes, light beige skin and straight,dark ash colour hair that is in a crew cut for Iryn and shoulder length for Iris which she keeps in a low ponytail. Iryn has an athletic build with strong ropy muscles in his arms and Iris has a slender build with delicate curves.
    They have more sarcasm in one cell of their body than the entire sea has salt. They are prickly but very entertaining to be around. They can be genuine and kind at times which are as rare as blood moons.

They were an Engineer in the M&E Regiment before joining the Night Hunters and are very good at inventing and designing new weapons and tools. They are also very talented and innovative with traps and explosives.

  1. Major Tric/Tracy/Trix Allor, (M/F/NB),(6.4/5.11/6.0 feet),(33 yrs)(Empire City)
    Have olive skin with gorgeous molten lava eyes and dark chestnut hair in a crew cut for Tric and in a pixie cut for Tracy and Trix. Tric has a chisled,muscular build with a strong jaw, Trix has a athletic and toned body and Tracy has a strong frame with feminine curves.

They are the Military Police Liason and Intelligence Officer for The Field Marshal. They are very mysterious and secretive and have an aura of danger about them. Their eyes seem to see and know everything and they have a very piercing stare and tend to make people feel threatened. They are a Night Hunter as well and are one of the officers in charge of the Empress’s security.

I have written as much as I could here trying not to leave any spoilers.

The demo has the stats information and Chapter 1 with a prologue. The Chapters 2 to 4 are still work in progress and will be updated soon.

To play the demo, go here:

I repeat again, any advice you can give will be appreciated a lot.


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