The New Lord (WIP)-Minor update July 11 See Post 95/95



Aaah, yes. Sapphira’s hidden twin Sappira. She’s well known for her yelling out her own voice.


If you want to know the song that Angel was dancing to…this is what I was listening to to while writing their portion::


I imagine a beautiful dance


I’m no ballerina, so I didn’t do the dance justice. But the song does allow the reader have some creative liberties.


I actually meant after listening to that I imagined a beautiful dance for angel.
Though my favorite is Camille


Currently everyone loves Camille


I can actually see why


The feel when you sabotage your characters


What do mean? (20 characters)


I looked back at Bryn’s introduction and I feel that I made him too unlikeable?


Nah, he is fun to be around


Yeah. And there is only one way to go after hitting rock bottom, right?


Under rock bottom of course.


Of course. It’ll be so terrible even Satan, himself, would create 50 new layers just for my characterizations.


I made some minor changes in chapter 2 and 3. Chapter 4 is almost completed and the Prologue and first chapter will be tweaked up as well. Sorry for the long wait.


Heeey…new poll. How would y’all enjoy some short stories in regards to the characters in this game. Just small excerpts of Atticus, Victor, Sapphire, Otto, and Corvidia interacting with the MC.

  • Sure
  • No
  • I need more information in regards to this
  • I don’t care/I don’t know

0 voters


The short stories will be more on the slice of life aspect. For instance, I already have an idea where Atticus babysits the MC and it all goes to heck. This is essentially fun filler for when I’m taking to long to update and you will all get a better sense of who the adults are (and were). However, I’m still not sure if i should make it into a separate game or just post on a Tumblr blog.


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