The negativity behind an ADULT CONTENT rating

Hey folks!

I have been wondering for awhile and am finally just gonna ask, for my own learning experience benefits…why are folks usually upset when put into the Adult Content section? I feel like it is usually pretty apparent which stories should be there. The admins do a great job at keeping it so…there are certain games that seemed like they shouldve been put there right away but werent (so younger readers got their sneak peek) and while I have never personally reported that any works should go there, its nice that folks help out and do…ANYWAY as an adult, I seek out the adult content first and am sure I am not the only one. you have an audience if thats your worry! If there are wips to read or cogs to buy and one is adult content…I first look and see why (because triggers) but almost always read/buy that one first. And as an adult, I am their market…so yay! I do understand that america is weird about sexuality and that is sad and an argument for another day…but guys! Just because your awesome story has mature content, it doesnt mean we wont read it!!! Some of us olders prefer it :heart: dont lose hope!!!

If i am off base, Please feel free to add your grievances here. I will totally listen and try to understand! :heart:


My experience is that people are not usually upset when put into the Adult Content section; what I have seen is people noting that their WIPs belong in the adult content section–they’ve reached out to the mods to have it put there. So this isn’t a problem as far as I am aware.


I think the main problem is that I suspect many, if not most of the users don’t even know it exists. And since it’s hidden by default, it’s quite easy to carry on without ever seeing it (I myself only discovered it because of the MMM controversy) - and for the authors, that means less potential comments on their work.

That being said, I don’t think most authors really took issue from that per see… though a few seem to have been a bit puzzled to be moved here without being notified.


Oh ok, thats awesome! I feel like I have only seen folks be upset about it…but maybe that is because the majority is fine w it and doesnt feel the meed to mention it? Anyway, feel free to take this down, i am happy if folks are cool w it!

That i understand. Is there a way to make it more prevalent?

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I think one concern that some people have is that you have to opt in to the adult section, which means that adult content is “hidden” by default, and some worry that users won’t easily find it. I think I saw someone go so far as to call this censorship, which I do not agree with at all.

As easy as it is to find, the fact remains that many people don’t bother to look, same with the rules and FAQ, as evidenced by the frequent “when are you going to post an update?” post

Edit- I see that @Talyrion beat me to the punch! Great minds and whatnot


I agree, i found it right away upon finding this site, so.maybe thats why i didnt understand the uproar? So ok. Maybe most dont think to look there. I see why folks.would take a negative stance.then. thank you

I think the fact that more and more WIPs are being moved there helps. Originally, iirc, the adult section was mostly sex stuff, but it’s expanded to include other themes like violence. Some WIPs in the adult section keep a regular thread to announce updates on, which makes it more visible to the rest of the community. There’s also a thread with links to all the WIPs in the adult section I believe, a table of contents if you will. All of this helps to normalize the section and make it more visible, so I think any negativity that people associate it with will fade over time


Also, we shouldn’t forget that readers who aren’t members of the forum can’t read the adult section.

That’s more potentiel readers who never discover the WIP.


See, thank you! I am def one of those…“sex isnt as bad as violence” folks, bit i get the adult content category. Its not shielding as much as it is a state.of.mind. now that i am a grown ass woman i remember teen jen’s brain. Some things WOULD have been traumatic or inappropriate. Some folks dont understand you arent shielding them…you are allowing thier innocence to remain a bit longer (not all of us have that journey)


Ohhhh see THAT i didnt realize. THAT i super get.

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I didn’t realize that, so that’s an interesting and relevant point to bring up. Readers who aren’t members also can’t comment on the thread though, so how much are those readers missed in the drafting process?

Obviously every writer wants to build a fanbase, but the WIP section exists to get stories ready for publication with HG. Theoretically readers who aren’t members (and also aren’t commenting, communicating with authors, etc) will see it when it comes out

I wouldn’t say that’s much of an issue if the audience without an account is under a certain age. Being opt-in gives mods an opportunity to see who specifically is giving feedback on “adult content”, and I’m pretty sure on an old WIP thread it was said if readers are underage then their posts will be automatically hidden. (Said WIP obviously featured adult content, though I don’t think the category was much of a thing back then.)

I’m more worried about lack of consistency. Samurai of Hyuga for example is a game that features topics that got WIPs into the adult thread (sexual content, extreme violence etc) yet the release post of all its books are still in non-adult sections with the link for the demo and to buy the game.

The guidelines are not very defined either; what exactly is “extreme violence”? Because depending on what it’s defined as, justifications for other WIPs and released games to be in adult sections could also be made.


See…and I am all “What? Explicit Sexual content for Samurai Hyuga? Sign. Me…Up.” adult content a plussss

Yes, but I think most of us wasn’t members the first time we read a post on this forum, right?

For me personally, I came here for the game hints, and got a username and stayed because I discovered some WIP’s I enjoyed.

And, to bring up MMM yet again, I saw quite a few posts in that WIP thread, by new users saying they made an account just to join in on that…

Being in the adult section means that won’t happen.


People have been upset, due to the potential loss of audience.

As I have stated in the other thread (the adult WIPs thread), the database of ongoing Adult threads is pinned and in a non-locked section. Everyone should be able to see it.

It may be worth it, for the @moderators team to have a pinned post about what the adult opt-in process is, because I remember being confused about it when it was first implemented. I don’t even remember how I opted in, tbh.


This is a legacy title and series that existed before the Adult section even existed. I honestly don’t think CoG staff has just gotten around to performing the necessary housekeeping that ensure consistency.

I’m pretty sure moderators such as @Gower will make sure the WiP thread for book 4 will end up there.


To be fair…I was a fan of the other works of the MMM Author, but that should’ve been deemed ADULT CONTENT immediately. It was weird that he was reluctant about it for that title especially


How do I find the adult content section?